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The right to attend school without fear of being shot

Why the exodus from the Trump administration?

When 22 high-profile members of an administration leave their highly-coveted jobs — whether or not by choice — in the span of roughly 15 months, there’s clearly a problem. The Trump administration has been riddled with resignations and firings of top officials since the get-go. It seems to be systemic of the president’s devil-may-care approach to running our nation. And that’s very, very troubling.



Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 3-29-18

Schoolhouse offers scholarship

Commencing with the current Webutuck graduating class, the Irondale Schoolhouse Board has elected to provide a $1,000 scholarship.  Any graduating senior intent on post high school education will be eligible. Applications, including eligibility requirements, will be available at the school’s office and must be submitted by June 1 . 

The Silk Trade Route

Elephant trophies — again!

Dear EarthTalk: Now President Donald Trump is going to allow the importing of elephant “trophies” after all! Where do things stand overall now in the fight to protect endangered species, especially as wildlife now also face threats from climate change?

Mark Harrison

Sumter, S.C.


Students reap the rewards of all things ag

The Harlem Valley has a rich agricultural history, still evident in ways large and small throughout the community. Though there are not nearly as many farms today as there once were, people in this region work hard to keep hold of their agricultural roots — an important part of making sure that our youth don’t lose touch with the role of the American farm in our everyday lives.

The last straws?

Dear EarthTalk: What’s the deal with some restaurants no longer offering straws to their customers? What’s so bad about sipping your drink through a straw anyway?

Jeffrey Edwards

Seattle, Wash.


Vegas, the Leave-It-There City

Call it what you will, but Vegas always wants to be a party town. Even with the internet and connectivity or perhaps especially because of the remoteness of colleagues, the need for humans to flock together once a year, like the swallows returning to Capistrano, provokes some strange conventions in Las Vegas. This month sees the annual American Frozen Food get–together — frozen food companies ready to shop and sell wares later to be thawed, boiled, microwaved — and all their attendees doing the chip ‘n dip with showgirls and one–arm bandits.