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Life after graduation

Education unlocks our world. Since we were children, we’ve watched, we’ve read, we’ve repeated, we’ve  learned. All skills, those lessons have armed us with the information we’ve relied on to take us into adulthood.

This past weekend, students from around the Harlem Valley celebrated their many years of learning with that unmistakable rite of passage: graduation.

Teddy Bear

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 6-28-18

We need a change from amoral leadership

Improved prognosis for local pharmacies

There aren’t too many independent corner pharmacies these days where people can go for their medical and personal care needs. But, amazingly, right here in the Harlem Valley there are two places one can do exactly that: Pine Plains and neighboring Stanfordville.

James Madison as applied to Donald Trump

History is written to understand the past but it is composed in the present and cannot escape that context. Sometimes, the relevance is startling. In research for a new book about the Revolutionary Era, I came across a James Madison essay that struck me as a trenchant critique of the Trumpian attitude toward governing the American people. It is a dialogue between a “republican,” by which Madison meant a person who championed the spirit of the American Revolution and democracy, and an “anti-republican,” who did not.

Deadly ebola is back

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-21-18

Narrowing the field

Dear Neighbor,

The 19th Congressional District Democratic Primary is Tuesday, June 26, and we encourage all registered Democrats to participate in choosing our Democratic nominee. The 19th is fortunate to have seven highly qualified, hardworking and energetic candidates vying for the spot on the November ballot, opposing John Faso, the incumbent Republican.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-14-18

Volcano victims in need of help

As many of you know, I spend most of the year in Guatemala, although I’m still a resident of Salisbury, maintain a house there and vote.

The recovery efforts for the victims of the eruption of Fuego Volcano (Fire Volcano)  in Guatemala have been challenging, and the response has been overwhelming. So overwhelming that many organizations coordinating recovery are now focusing on relocating and housing victims of the destroyed villages.

Consumer tracking is everywhere

A cost to tough policing

No one likes being pulled over by the police. Who would? At best it takes time and causes stress, at worst it means a ticket and possibly other legal consequences.

In the village of Millerton, people have been raising red flags about the village police department’s practices. Too strict, some say. Too inflexible, say others. Too tyrannical, claim still more.

In recent days, residents and  visitors alike have stepped forward to complain.