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New strategy: Space is only GOP business

Hidden in the background noise of world affairs leaking and being generated from the White House was the appointment and swearing in of Congressman Jim Bridenstine as new head of NASA, who said, “NASA represents what is best about the United States of America: We lead, we discover, we pioneer and we inspire.”

Running for local office: A call for candidates

Last November, I ran for Dutchess County Legislature (in the 25th District, including Amenia, Washington and the eastern portion of Pleasant Valley). While I didn’t end up winning that campaign, running for office is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I’m writing to encourage anyone with an interest in improving our community to consider running for local office: be it city council, mayor, town or village board, county legislator or school board.

North East solar law is worth pursuing

Clean energy is a good thing. Saving energy, too, is a very good thing. Both can be obtained by pursuing solar power — which is exactly what the town of North East is hoping to do through a new solar law it’s considering.

The concept for a solar law was presented by Solar, Sign and Wind Committee Chairman Jon Arnason at a North East Town Board meeting held on Friday, April 20. Arnason’s group was formed at the recommendation of North East town Supervisor George Kaye, to examine how the town should regulate solar energy, wind energy and signs.

Hot Dogs

New careers abound in the space industry

A  young person asked me the other day about careers in space. There’s always exploration -— astronaut training as mission specialists all the way up the capability level to actual commander of a space craft. But what struck me was that the possibilities for millions of jobs are quickly forming in fields that no-one previously ever thought could possibly interest anyone except technocrats. 

Earth Day 2018

Save the planet. It’s a rallying cry heard from environmentalists the world over — never more loudly than on Earth Day.

This year, as every other, Earth Day fell on April 22. It was the 48th anniversary of our country’s first such celebration.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 4-26-18

Community librarians are special people

As most Amenia residents know, our library director, Miriam Devine, has retired. Her 28 years with the library have spanned the time we were “tech free” and stamping cards to a computer-run library system with access to hundreds of thousands of books! In her early years she did all the cleaning and gardening herself, until we had enough money to hire someone, though she kept up the gardening. A truly unique librarian! Board members share some thoughts on Miriam below.


Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 4-19-18

Shame on Millerton! 

What a shame it is that our town has allowed the rants of a handful of people (some of whom are no longer in Millerton) and have put enough restrictions in place to end our wonderful Spring for Sound yearly event. 

I have always thought this village was much more progressive in encouraging the art and music venues versus our neighboring towns. 

Is particle board still unhealthy?

Dear EarthTalk: I recently read about the toxic dangers of particle board. I still am using the same laminate on particle board bedroom furniture that I bought new 30 years ago. Do you think it’s still harmful to my health after all this time, and is there any way to make it less unhealthy?

Jane Woodard

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