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Monarch butterflies close to extinction

Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that the Monarch Butterfly is on the brink of extinction? How did we let that happen?

Alex Degeneres

Cincinnati, Ohio


Environmentalists won a lawsuit forcing the federal government to decide by 2019 whether or not to list the once abundant Monarch butterfly as an endangered species. 

What is fair government oversight?

In talking to people across America, there seems to be a running theme, strong divisions in thinking, between portions of the population. The nation — so terribly divided — seems incapable of understanding an opposing side’s view. One issue that seems to divide the most is the question of whether the government should make your life better or whether the government should get out of your way to allow you to make your life better. Often, these are the arguments posed by extreme factions on both sides of the political divide.

Bat basketed

Case opened  21:01 hours, top of stairs in attic chamber outside master bedroom: Flickering shadows from energy-efficient lightbulb turned out to be caused by a circling bat. Backup called and assault team assembled.

First-to-show was Night Security Officer Winslow the Cat, who danced on the railing in frantic manner, pawing upward as if to nab invader in his paws.

Senior SWAT team member arrived and delegated Officer Cat (under protest) to downstairs traffic control. 

Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News - 9-13-18

Fresh paint restores signs

Only in a town like Pine Plains would a man who grew up here take it upon himself to do a public service with no fanfare. George McGhee has been painting over historical signs, which have not been painted for decades.

The one in front of our house, giving the origination of our town’s name, is of interest to all who pass by. Now it looks great. Look around town to see his fine work.

George McGhee is a hometown boy who is giving something back to his home town.

Thanks a lot, George.

Millbrook looks ahead with Comprehensive Plan update

A Comprehensive Plan is an important planning tool for any municipality. It can help shape a community’s vision of how it would like to develop, with a 10- or 15-year forecast. It is the basis for land-use regulations and zoning, and helps a town or village establish and protect its own unique characteristics and traits.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 9-6-18

CROP Hunger Walk helps ease hunger in Tri-state region

I’ve been reading with interest the articles that Carol Kneeland has written in her series about hunger and food insecurity in our area. It’s a wonderful thing that so many food banks and food pantries exist here so that all of us working together can be sure that no one in our communities go hungry.

Just how big is global aerospace?

Ready? Global aerospace is worth $838 billion. Exactly half of the global automotive industry. Yes, half. Think of all the trucks, cars, motorbikes that are made, sold, manufactured, repaired and re-sold globally. And yet the aerospace industry is worth half of that. Makes one think of the growing size and revenue from aerospace, doesn’t it?

Truth is not truth

New Age defense

While all the other machinations are going on in politics, serious men and women, those in defense of the country, are trying to see through the fog of future defense needs and are making assessments of our capability.