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Democrats make hay, but share the blame

President Trump’s signing of an executive order halting the temporary separation of illegal families at the border came too late to prevent his millions of adversaries from making political hay of the issue.

The irresponsibility of the tabloid press: Free speech, falsehood and defamation

Part 2 of 2

Recently, going through the Stop & Shop grocery check-out line, I picked up two issues of the Globe weekly magazine, published by American Media Inc., formerly owned by Rupert Murdoch.  The tabloid seemed to have two deliberate intentions:  (1) to defame the Royal family of Britain, and (2) to defame liberal Democrats in the USA. 

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — June 1918

SALISBURY — Miss Ruth Hatmaker has left the employ of G.H. Clark and Mrs. Lester Libby has taken her place.


The Griggs and McCabe families are at their camps on Mt. Riga for the summer.


Notice — If the party who was seen taking the bicycle from the rear of Holley Block will return same by June 29th, they will save themselves serious trouble.


How about some help for the economy here?

It can surely be universally agreed that Connecticut needs to boost its economy, not just on the shoreline or around Hartford, but throughout the state. Yet there is a perception, arguably based on reality, that money almost never funnels first, second or even third to the Northwest Corner. This is a time when that theory will again be tested. 

The Hotspur memorandum and humanity’s time

Part 1 of 3

It’s not impossible to imagine that one day, far in the future, our species will cease to exist. That “time must have a stop,” as Harry Percy, nicknamed Hotspur, says in Shakespeare’s “Henry IV, Part 1,” as he lies dying.

Words you can say on TV and how they evolved

The recent vulgar eruptions by two television personalities, Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee, brought to mind my own experience with words that were never to be uttered on the air. 

I had been with WTIC Radio and Television for a couple of years in 1965 when the radio station celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding in 1925.

As part of the observance, I was asked to write a memo on the events of the year 1925 so that the disc jockeys and talk show hosts could provide the listeners with colorful anecdotes about the events of the year.

Trump’s $50 billion in Chinese tariffs trash markets

Investors waited the entire week before June 15 for President Trump’s verdict. On that Friday, he did not disappoint his followers. He decided to move ahead with plans to slap $34 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports. Stock markets worldwide fell on the news as investors awaited a Chinese response.

Chinese trade officials had already outlined their planned retaliation. China will match Trump’s 25 percent tariff on 818 products by doing the same on 106 American goods worth about $50 billion. 

Responsibility of the electronic media: Free speech, falsehood and defamation

Part 1 of 2

In April 2018, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made a commendable appearance before the U.S. Congress testifying about the role and intentions of Facebook in the light of the hacking and misuse of cyber communications technologies and social media to skew the 2016 U.S. elections and undermine the democratic process in America.  Facebook had been raided for personal information on more than 87 million unsuspecting users.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — June 1918

SALISBURY — Mr. and Mrs. William Spurr and Mr. and Mrs. Woodin of Hartford spent Sunday at Frank D. Spurr’s, making the trip by automobile.


LIME ROCK — Mr. and Mrs. Card of Ancram Lead Mines called on old friends here Sunday. Mr. Card lived here sixteen years ago.


Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 6-21-18

Vote for Holley Block option

We urge you to join us at the town meeting on Wednesday, June 27, at 7:30 p.m. to vote to approve an option to lease the town-owned property known as “Holley Block” in Lakeville to the Salisbury Housing Committee (SHC) for the possible construction of 12 to 18 housing units that would be rented affordably to young workers, seniors, and others who qualify.