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Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 7-11-19

Proposed multi-family zoning changes and the closed Chinese restaurant

We applaud the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission’s efforts to address our community’s need for multi-family housing. The proposed Multi-Family Housing Overlay District (MFO) has the potential to significantly increase the availability of housing, including affordable units, in the villages of Lakeville and Salisbury. 

World Cup

An opinion on West Cornwall’s septic problem

I have spoken with quite a few property owners in the town of Cornwall who do not agree that the entire town should pay for the septic solution of West Cornwall’s private property owners. That said, I was willing to listen and hoped more would. I went to the West Cornwall septic meeting held Friday night, June 28. The majority of people there appeared to be from West Cornwall. I was disheartened not seeing many of the people I had spoken to.

Salisbury’s Housing Organizations

Over many years there has been an awareness of the need for housing options that are affordable for people who live and work in Salisbury. These local housing organizations are hard at work trying to help our community.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — July 1919

LAKEVILLE — M.E. Snow of Norfolk has been appointed gasoline inspector in this section.


SHARON — Meredith Gillette is assisting at G.B. Klobe’s store during the summer.


CANAAN — Mrs. H.L. Ross has been visiting her sister in Bethel.


LAKEVILLE — Captain Theodore Kenyon and bride are occupying W.H. Kenyon’s residence on Main Street while the latter with his family is away on an extended auto tour.

The crisis at the Mexican border

At last the situation at the Mexican border has become a crisis. But it’s in no way a security crisis, as falsely claimed by the president, but rather a humanitarian one. 

Now is the time to save Camp AHA!

For nearly 30 years, North Canaan has had an after-school program called AHA! It was started by two moms years ago, Lynn Nania and Marcia Ramunni, who had young children at that time. After the first year, Lynn became the sole director. She has continued to keep this program going, which has been a godsend for working parents. Having a safe place with fun activities for your kids until you get out of work is crucial. AHA! provided that.

The real threat to democracy on the Fourth of July

During World War II, the author and essayist E. B. White was asked by the Writers’ War Board for a statement on “The Meaning of Democracy.”

As you’d expect from the writer who made “The Elements of Style” a beloved guide to clear, concise English for generations of students, White’s response was memorable and succinct.

“Surely the board knows what Democracy is,” he began his reply in The New Yorker for July 3, 1943:

Nobody knows the troubles Trump’s seen

‘We accomplished more in the first two and a half years of a presidency and under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before.”

These words were actually spoken by Donald Trump before a cheering throng of believers as he officially opened his reelection campaign in Florida on June 18.

“Under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before?”  Really?