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Doing business, but on whose terms?

On Aug. 19, the Business Roundtable, a group of hundreds of CEOs from the largest corporations in America, released a statement updating their definition of a corporation’s purpose. After decades of insisting that a corporation exists solely to increase shareholder’s returns, they now claim that all stakeholders should be considered. Now, apparently, employees, customers, suppliers and their communities should be taken into consideration.

The Journal’s reporting on state police activity

Every so often, this newspaper takes on the question of how, and why, we handle publishing the police blotter, which at this time we do weekly from the public information put out by Connecticut State Police Troop B in North Canaan. Additional coverage can happen if we know of something that has occurred in Kent, and then we would approach Troop L in Litchfield to obtain information they may have on an incident or alleged crime.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 9-12-19

Lime Rock report for Rep. Maria Horn

Dear Maria,

My personal observations/experiences from the Lime Rock Historic Festival follow:

Monday night, I went to The Black Rabbit with friends from Toronto. I ordered arugula salad and a bottle of wine, both unavailable. The manager said they were out because Sunday was the biggest day in their eight-year history. 

The next day, had lunch at Mountainside Café; they said Sunday was the biggest day in their sales history. 

Aging in place: Worth it despite challenges

Part 2

We are extremely lucky to have two excellent retirement facilities in our area. Noble Horizons and Geer Village are both well appointed, full of caring people and, above all, safe. Safety is the top priority. Safety is what the families of residents want.

From Trump Tower to power, over the law

Donald Trump is (to use his phrase) “dumb as a rock” when it comes to the programs and the policies of the federal government agencies over which he is allegedly presiding. However, when it comes to defending and expanding his own political power, Trump is shameless and profoundly cunning.  

State of the presidential race, to this point

Democrats desperate to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 have two big advantages. One, of course, is Trump himself. The other is the mainstream press. Media coverage of Democrats is like fawning biographies of the Kennedys, Clintons and Obamas. No matter what the Democratic protagonists do wrong, the journalists or biographers always make it come out right.

Our home, our future

Voices from the Salisbury community about the housing needed for a healthy, economically vibrant future

“Big Papi” Luis Vargas works as a cook at LaBonne’s Market. Bob LaBonne could not praise him highly enough, saying, “He’s a great guy, hard working, steady and reliable. He’s like a father to some of the other employees, hence the nickname ‘Big Papi.’ ”

Can desalination save us from freshwater woes?

Dear EarthTalk: If the world is running out of freshwater, why aren’t we desalinating more ocean water?

—H. Smith, Providence, R.I.


Salty oceans cover 70 percent of the earth’s surface while freshwater becomes increasingly scarcer due to human overpopulation and climate change. Globally some 700 million people lack access to clean water while droughts are the norm in many regions.