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Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — September 1918

SALISBURY — Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Ryan and son of Springfield and Miss Carrie Marston of New York are visiting at Fred Marston’s.


Please save all fruit pits including peach, plum, apricot and olive pits. Clean thoroughly, dry and send them to your Red Cross work room. The Government asks for them for use in the manufacturing of gas masks.


SALISBURY — Miss Clara Stone has entered the Northfield School for the coming year.


Wounds in need of healing

There are some threads of our human story that we would rather pretend affect only others, not those who are part of our own social spheres, or ourselves. Denial is too often the default, and can lead to bad behavior and life-changing victimization being hidden or ignored for long periods of time. Such is the case with sexual abuse. 

15 ways the Dems could lose the November elections

1. Focus on Donald Trump’s personal scandals, the Russian interference, and Trump’s outrageous and hugely distracting daily tweets.

The worldwide airlift and sail

Few travelers have logged so many miles and spent so many years logging them as Ibn Battuta, who, in 1325 at the age of 21, set out from Tangier on a pilgrimage to Mecca and, impelled to travel “by an overmastering impulse” and “a long-cherished desire” to visit holy places, spent 29 years traveling as far east as China, and as far south as Sri Lanka and Timbuktu. 

The war on democracy in America: The radical right seeks victory by deception

Part 3 of 4

Given the obvious contradiction between right-wing ideology and the real needs of most Americans, the radical right devised ways of deceiving ordinary citizens, using populist language to assure them that conservative reformers were selflessly saving these social programs for the peoples’ future benefit, while in reality they were whittling them away, slice by slice,  toward complete  extinction. 

Truth is not truth

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 9-6-18

Patient care inconvenience due to too-lengthy process

On Wednesday, Aug. 29, I experienced firsthand the disturbing incompetence of what Health Quest has done to Sharon Hospital. The once cherished sense of patient care has been replaced with a facility that is truly just another corporation. Endless amounts of paperwork, duplicated in each department you visit, replacing a sense of care and concern once bestowed upon the patient.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — September 1918

Mr. I. Kent Fulton who is in the Tank division at Gettysburg was home over Sunday and Monday on furlough. Mr. Fulton likes the service very much.


LIME ROCK — There will not be any Red Cross meetings until further notice, owing to the delay in material.


How close are we to autonomous vehicles?

While we aren’t yet at the science fiction world of flying cars, the notion of driver-less vehicles looks well within reach, and in some cases, is being successfully tested around the country. But how close are we to being able to commute to work while playing sudoku in what used to be the driver’s seat?