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Republican establishment is sadly absent

If You Ask Me

You can almost hear Connecticut’s Republicans chanting, “We’re number 35, we’re number 35,” as they march to the polls on April 24, only to find the always exciting Mitt Romney has already won.

Yes, April 24. Connecticut Republicans will not be selecting their candidate for president until 32 other states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands have had their turn.

Tenure reform finally on educators’ agenda

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

On Jan. 3, the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) released a public education reform plan with tougher guidelines for teacher peer review and assistance, and for a more streamlined dismissal process to replace the current system of tenure. The CEA represents more than 43,000 teachers, making it the state’s largest public employee organization. Connecticut teachers have created and approved these proposed reforms themselves. Could this be the beginning of sweeping, meaningful reform in the state that will make educational opportunities more equal for all students?

Turning Back the Pages - January 12

100 years ago — January 1912

All who wish to be furnished with Ice the coming season, can apply to W.P. Bradley on or before January 17th, 1912.

Frank Melvin’s Daffodils

If I can shave two men an hour, can Bob Du-four?

If it takes me twenty minutes to row across the lake, how soon can Pero?

If you hollered at me and I did not hear, I suppose Dr. Hurd?

If Michael Flynn should slap George Joynes, would Thorne Howell?

Letters to the Editor - January 12

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

Support the new Black Goose Grill in Sharon

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Being present

Nature's Notebook

A winter landscape with neither snow nor sun can seem quite barren even to a naturalist. There are no riddles to be read in tracks in the snow, no long shadows and low angled light providing visual contrast. It takes a different kind of eye — and attitude, really — to appreciate what nature still has on offer on a matte-gray day. Sometimes it takes the curious heart of a child.

Is it leveraged buyout or sellout of America?


The principal rationale for current day Wall Street-style corporate dealmaking, notably private equity investing, leveraged financial buyouts and friendly or hostile takeovers, followed by restructuring and re-sale of target companies, is that these practices, although risky, stimulate the economy, reward enterprise and create jobs. But do they?

Corporate Chocolate

Editorial Cartoon

Loved or unloved, hang the governors’ portraits

If You Ask Me

There was one grace note as the political year ended and that was Gov. Dannel Malloy’s gallant assurance that his predecessor’s portrait will soon join her fellow former governors in the State Library.

Malloy stepped in when the Hearst papers reported there were no plans and no funds to commission a portrait of Jodi Rell, the governor from 2004 to 2011.

“Governor Rell should receive her full due honor and respect,” was her successor’s rapid response as he promised he would take care of the matter in the coming legislative season.

Back to nature: the benefits and dangers of raw milk

The Body Scientific

I have a friend who speaks of raw milk from a farm in the Alps in the rhapsodic language that the French normally use for wine: “It was fresh from the cow, full of cream and it smelled of the flowers in the meadows.” Tempting, certainly. There is, however, a case for caution.

Common sense and our post offices

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

The U.S. Postal Service has offered many assurances that the Lakeville post office will remain open. Still, there is some skepticism among community members who believe the building in the middle of town may prove too tempting a money saver for the struggling mail deliverer.