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Raise the bar for better schools for all students

If You Ask Me

More than a half a century after the Brown v. Board of Education decision legally ended school segregation, we don’t like to be reminded that our children continue to attend separate and unequal public schools here in Connecticut and across the nation.

Examples of how separate and unequal our schools can be were evident recently at a predominantly white Glastonbury school and a mostly minority Waterbury school.

Global financial speculation: the short-selling of America


Part 1 of 2 - The Problem

Science and sausage

The Body Scientific

With the Dow in turmoil and Congress in disarray, it may seem odd to plan for the future, but American optimism is like a spring, and mine is getting pretty tightly coiled, so let’s think of constructive things to do.  

I leave economics, the dismal science, as Thomas Carlyle called it, to others. Good luck to them. There are optimistic (non-dismal?) forms of science.

Farewell to a great lady

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

This newspaper lost a friend and mentor this week. While every friendship has its ebbs and flows, Charlotte Reid’s respect and appreciation for community journalism was a constant. When she was being covered by this newspaper’s reporters during her time as first selectman of Salisbury, in the 1970s and 1980s (see her obituary and a front page article in this newspaper), she may not have always liked or agreed with what was written. But she did unfailingly acknowledge that such coverage was a necessity for open, free and effective local government.

State should show solidarity with private and public sectors

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

So state union workers have approved their contracts, and most layoffs have been avoided, after much negotiation and wringing of hands. It’s probably safe to assume nobody really wanted their fellow Connecticut workers to lose their jobs. However, it has been difficult for those working in the private sector in this state, which has been struggling mightily over the past few years, to watch the circus that was the too-long discussion on the contracts for state workers.

Turning Back The Pages August 25

Turning Back The Pages

75 years ago — August 1936
ORE HILL — Messrs. Roland and Robert Fenn of Millerton were guests of Morris Dennis last Thursday. While fishing Roland captured a six pound bass. Richard Solan is working hard with his new casting rod to catch the mate to Fenn’s bass.

LAKEVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Doyle have severed their connection with the chain store which they have been managing the past year. They have not announced their future plans.

Summer’s bounty

Nature's Notebook

You can feel the changes in seasons already.  Early mornings are cooler, the days are shorter and the forests are noticeably quieter having lost many of the singing migratory birds to parts south. I like this time of year a lot. There is still plenty of warm weather to come for those of us who think in terms of “half full” rather than “half empty” and there is even more to see in our woods and meadows than in previous months.

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Region would benefit from improved rails

The Lakeville Journal Editorial

There are good reasons why upgrades to the rail crossings and lines in North Canaan, Cornwall and Kent would be good for the entire region. The Housatonic Railroad Co. has already set the stage for renewed passenger service on its Berkshire line, and as reported by Karen Bartomioli in this newspaper last week, the North Canaan-based company is now vying for between $10 and $12 million in transportation grant money to help take area rail service to the next level.