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Lost in space, or the end of sense

The other night I was watching “Billions” on Showtime. For the uninitiated, as opposed to those who are too embarrassed to admit that they watch it, “Billions” is an extremely exaggerated look at Wall Street, politics and the hedge fund industry. Money, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll on steroids. Recently, the character running for New York attorney general was propelled to victory after publicly announcing that he and his wife were into sadomasochism. OK, maybe it’s not so exaggerated.  


Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — June 1919

SALISBURY — Thomas Finnegan is driving a Maxwell touring car.


CANAAN — John C. Jackson has gone to the House of Mercy, Pittsfield, for treatment.


LAKEVILLE — Editor A.W. Krause of Canaan was in town Tuesday and purchased a Reo car of A.S. Martin.


SHARON — Mrs. Robert Dowd has moved into the Prindle apartment vacated by Miss Parrott.


‘Bullet’ Sherwood: An extraordinary life, very well lived

There are few community members who are so well known and beloved that just about everyone knows them. And fewer still who are instantly recognizable by the mention of just one name. This is as it was with Robert “Bullet” Sherwood, who was Salisbury’s quintessential volunteer, often the first at the scene of a fire or accident, directing traffic or taking on some other necessary task. 

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 6-6-19

Nader v. Dershowitz on U.S. Constitution

In Letters to the Editor to The Lakeville Journal (May 23), John Carey writes that Ralph Nader’s arguments in his May 9 column, “Trump versus Congress and our Constitution” are “poorly constructed.” Carey recommends that Nader should in effect brush up on the Constitution by reading Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz’s “The Case Against Impeaching Trump” (Hop Books, 2019).

Drain the swamp?

“I will make our government honest again, believe me.                             
But first I’m going to have to drain the swamp in D.C.”

Donald J. Trump, Oct. 18, 2016


To drain a swamp means to remove water from marshy areas to make that land more amenable to human use and also to remove mosquitos, alligators and other scary creatures that depend on the water. 

Andrew Johnson’s impeachment killed the idea for a century

We have had 2.5 presidential impeachments in our history. The first occurred 151 years ago and the other one and a half came along in the past 45 years. 

Most recent was the impeachment of Bill Clinton in 1999 when a Republican Senate couldn’t come close to getting the two thirds majority needed to find him guilty of perjury or obstruction of justice.  

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — June 1919

SALISBURY — Howard Select, pitching for the Yale Varsity nine against Fordham, Decoration Day! held his opponents to three hits in ten innings.


Memorial Day has touched our hearts once again

The beginning of summer is a time of both nostalgia for past good times in the sun and joy looking forward to new ones. But Memorial Day, which marks that new moment every year, brings its own profound meaning to the weekend. The ceremonies and parades that each town in the region organizes remind us all of the monumental sacrifices made by those who gave their lives for their country, and by the loved ones and comrades they left behind.