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Turning Back the Pages: August 8, 2019

100 years ago — August 1919

The Dr. William Bissell Hospital Fund, having been incorporated, is now ready to receive donations. Do not wait for a later “drive” to give; do not wait to be asked to give to so worthy a beneficence; but make your contribution at once. Mr. Wm. Kane is treasurer of the Fund, and will receive donations or subscriptions at the bank, or he will receive checks through the mail.


Fly quiet: Airlines starting to address noise pollution

Dear EarthTalk: I’ve noticed more and more air traffic over my house in Seattle and I’m getting a little sick of all the noise. Is there anything I can do to force the airlines to disperse their routes more widely or, even better, cut back on their number of flights?   — Bill G., Seattle, WA

Old men

Railroad Days: Fifty-five years and counting

Congratulations to all in North Canaan who worked so hard to make Railroad Days such an all-around fun and welcoming time for their town. It is extraordinary that this town brings together its merchants and nonprofit organizations to have an astonishing array of family-friendly activities over two weeks in July. It is only due to the hard work of organizer John Lannen and so many others, as well as the support of the town of North Canaan.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 8-1-19

Double standards on left

Two op-ed columns in last week’s paper (The Lakeville Journal, July 25) condemned Donald Trump for his comments that the Squad — the four female freshmen Democrats of color in Congress — should go back where they came from.

Yet neither column mentioned the recent and recurrent anti-Semitism and racism from some members of the Squad. That’s to be expected. Democrats and the press have been very busy lately cleaning up and excusing the Squad’s language, all the better to condemn Trump.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1919

SALISBURY — Miss Gladys Osborn will sever her connection with the local post office today. Clifford Cullen will fill the position of assistant left vacant by Miss Osborn.


Planning for the present and the future

What -ism are you?

America is complicated. Volunteer firefighters and EMTs are anarchists who drive on socialist roads to rescue capitalist homes. That is the American way. But if you don’t like those labels you can use others: community firefighters drive on public roads to rescue private homes. It doesn’t change the meaning.

Putin’s crush on Trump’s America

We all know about the flirtatious “love letters” exchanged between President Donald Trump and “dear leader”  Kim Jong-un of North Korea. It could be a relationship of great mutual benefit, but apparently the relationship has never been fully consummated.