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Jim Buckley of Sharon: Our loss is Maryland’s gain

Jim Buckley was born in New York City, but when he was 3 months old, he was tucked into a bassinette and moved to Sharon. This week, 95 years later, he’s leaving.

In that four score and 10 years, Buckley has had a distinguished career — a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals of the D.C. Circuit (which ranks in judicial importance an eyelash below the U.S. Supreme Court), a U.S. Senator (the sole Conservative party candidate to be elected to a post at that level), Under Secretary of State and president of Radio Free Europe.

One very necessary way to plan for the future

Did you miss it? It’s very possible you did. After all, the eyes of the politicians, government and media have all been firmly planted on the mid-term elections, and all the drama that has accompanied them. It’s not until one really needs health care that access to it takes on a very personal kind of importance, and yes, even drama, that would rival that of any election or news cycle. 

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 11-8-18

Thanks for the Habitat support

Sometimes, it takes a region — not just a village. Northwest Connecticut is blessed with individuals and institutions that believe in the mission of Habitat : that all families deserve a decent and affordable home to live in. 

A NW Corner baseball season to remember

October traditionally heralds in baseball’s Major League World Series, the “Fall Classic.” August ushers in an annual “Summer Classic” of its own, the Connecticut American Legion State Baseball Tournament. Fifty years ago in 1968, the Sharon team of Legion Post 126 played in that tournament.

Best Red Sox ever, but baseball is still succeeding in hurting itself

It was a wonderful World Series, wasn’t it — with the best Red Sox team we’ve seen in seven decades of watching them.

But the games were so long.

We knew things had gotten out of hand after Game 3. It was not only the longest World Series game ever played; it was longer than the entire four-game World Series the Yankees and Cincinnati Reds played in 1939.

Before that happened, the only thing the wondrous 2018 Red Sox had in common with the 1939 Yankees was their regular season victories — a very nice 108 games.

Does Prevagen help in reducing memory loss?

You may have seen the ad for Prevagen during morning news shows or between innings of a Red Sox game: a video of a pulsating jellyfish, whose nervous system glows blue. The substance that provides the blue glow is protein called apoaequorin and it is very well studied. 

Asylum Seekers

Checking in with the Tooth Fairy

Is the economy strong or is it tanking? Should we be worried? Let’s face it, our concern about the health of the economy is an exercise in blatant self-interest poorly disguised as concern for the big picture. Is the reassurance we’re looking for found in a mountain of financial algorithms, neural networks and investment advice? Possibly. 

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — November 1918

SALISBURY — Mr. and Mrs. George R. Belcher spent Saturday and Sunday in Great Barrington.


LAKEVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. George Miller entertained a number of their young friends at a party last Thursday evening.


LIME ROCK — W. Tellerday moved to East Canaan this week.


Congratulations on a job well done

Walking into Salisbury Central School is a bright and welcoming experience. It has been for a long time, what with Patty Stevens doing the welcoming for so many years, and creating an active visual with lights, posters and more to encourage any visitors to linger there. 

But there is even more to it now that the renovation of the building has been completed (see story by Patrick Sullivan, page A3.) It is impressive to see just what new ceilings, lights and furniture can do for a space.