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An old song about going back to where you came from

When President Trump ordered four members of Congress to go back where they came from—be it Cincinnati, Detroit, the Bronx or Somalia—I was reminded of a long forgotten song on the subject and quickly found it online:


“If you don’t like your Uncle Sammy,

Then go back to your home o’er the sea,

To the land from where you came,

Whatever be its name,

But don’t be ungrateful to me!”


Does your vote mean what you think it does?

Next Friday, July 26, there will be a Town Meeting and a vote in Cornwall that could have a profound impact on the town’s future and perhaps even its continued existence. Is it overly dramatic to say that the future of not just West Cornwall, but all of Cornwall, hangs on the ballot’s 39 words and a rather modest expenditure?  I would tend to say probably not — if the voting outcome gave voters a clear picture of what their vote would achieve — but it doesn’t.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — July 1919

Mrs. George R. Belcher of the Journal force is enjoying a week’s vacation.


LAKEVILLE — Archie Yaple of Winsted was in town Monday.


Agents from the Internal Revenue Office have been in town this week collecting the tax from drivers of jitney and livery cars. Every auto owner who transports passengers for hire is subject to the tax.


Fraud is rampant, even in the Northwest Corner

There are some who may think their local community weekly newspaper is not actually a business, but it certainly is. Proof of that fact came to the fore last week when this small business’ checking account was apparently hacked, and a fraudulent check written from our checking account to a person out West for almost $9,000, purportedly for a camper that person had put up for sale.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 7-18-19

Let’s move forward on the water septic problem

In response to Martha Lane’s July 11 comments in The Lakeville Journal on West Cornwall’s septic problem:

She doesn’t agree that the proposed system would be part of Cornwall’s infrastructure. It may be a stretch to compare this to a school, but how does it differ from roads or bridges that are routinely maintained or replaced to serve a limited number of homes?

A true consensus on community septic systems looked for in Cornwall

The June 28 Cornwall Town Informational Meeting about a Community WasteWater System for West Cornwall triggered substantial attendance. As the chair of the West Cornwall Water/Septic Study Committee, I was reinvigorated by the lively debate.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — July 1919

More than 16,000 horses in Connecticut were displaced by motor vehicles in the past decade, it was seen by figures obtained at the capitol. Statistics prepared in the office of Tax Commissioner William H. Corbin revealed that the horse population of the state dropped from 75,779 in 1908 to 59,737 last year, while records of the motor vehicle department showed that the number of horseless vehicles leaped from 7,895 to 95,650. Five automobiles appeared for every horse removed.


What should UConn do with its football team?

The current consternation over the future of the University of Connecticut’s football program has exploded some myths about the way big time college sports are and are not paid for at UConn.

No heroes for state’s right to know

At its annual meeting the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information usually presents an award to a public official who has performed outstanding service to the right to know in the past year. But no such award was presented at the annual meeting a few weeks ago, for the council could not find such a hero.