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Public cynicism enables costly political hypocrisy

The political hypocrisy of crony capitalism –  touting market capitalism while making taxpayers fund corporate welfare – is a rare and unfortunate case of bipartisan consensus. Republicans openly embrace it, but many Democrats also fall prey to government-guaranteed corporate capitalism when they believe it to be politically expedient.

Maybe these examples will get you steamed enough to tell your members of Congress, “Enough already!”

The good, the bad and ...

The GOP tax plan is a classic example of good ideas mixed with bad ideas and salted with outright greed. But like most human initiatives, it has good intention, no matter how deranged. Perfection is not a part of the human condition. Trump is not working to hurt America. He just doesn’t know how to fix it. To be fair, many of his predecessors didn’t either. At least he has not started a 17-year war.

Remembering the days when both parties liked Ike

Are we facing the demise of the historic two-party system that has served the nation so well?  

Will the next presidential election be between Trump or a Trumpian type on the right and a Bernie Sanders facsimile on the left with third and maybe fourth parties vying for those of us in the center right and left with no place to go?

Have we ever seen such a mess in modern presidential history?

The answers are No, Maybe and Yes.  

In honor of the elders who inspire our youth

The Housatonic Valley Regional High School Alumni Association is one of the most active such organizations around. Their service to the high school has gone above and beyond, and their initiatives often have the good of the current students at the school in mind, rather than simply the reminiscences of their own time spent there.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — November 1917

SALISBURY — Mrs. John Pulver and daughters of Ancram Lead Mines spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Dwight Allyn.


Advertisement: HOMEMADE SAUSAGE that is homemade. Will pay you $50 if you can find anything in it but pure pork, salt, pepper and sage. Egan’s market.


The contract for the reinforced concrete bridge between Salisbury and North Canaan has been awarded to Louis J. Sieling of New York. The contract amounts to about $35,000.


Care Act is still in force

The process, such as it has been, of our president and Congress trying to find an answer to the problem of providing health care to the American people has resulted in failure, according to their own stated goals. So, what has happened instead of “repeal and replace” very quickly upon their obtaining power in Washington is that the Affordable Care Act remains in place. 

Highest Level

Trump Care

Sinking ship

Sammy, we hardly know ye

One of the more intriguing sidelights of the special prosecutor’s first arrests in the Russian influence investigation was our introduction to Sam Clovis, the guy our other new acquaintance, George Papadopoulos, reported to.

What Trump foreign policy advisor Papadopoulos reported, of course, concerned his dealings with Russian officials to get dirt they allegedly had on Hillary Clinton.