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Black Lung

Group pride, beneficial or detrimental

Part 5

I’ve been writing about a continuum of pride with arrogance at one far end and great humility at the other. An earlier column discussed individual pride in that context. 

There is also group pride. Even the Amish, who aim at humility, have group pride — based on their belief that they are on the right path while others who do not share their particular beliefs are not.

Do not let the internet be privatized

Some of the biggest players in the internet space are trying to achieve a seemingly minor but actually profound change in the way the internet delivers information to you. The internet is about to be moneti$ed. Some companies are proposing that they be able to pay for preferred delivery of internet packets (a fixed size of digital data much like a tweet is 140 characters) presumably based on some promise of helping to pay for a grander internet infrastructure “for the benefit of taxpayers.” 

How Donald Jr. is like, and not like, Mama Rose

The fascinating events of last week involving President Trump’s, son, son-in-law, then-campaign manager and various Russian operatives brings to mind Stephen Sondheim’s lyric from the 1959 Broadway musical, “Gypsy.”

“Have an Eggroll, Mr. Goldstone,” is sung to a gentleman caller interested in the talents of one of stage mother Rose’s children. Her enthusiasm for this Mr. Goldstone is not unlike the gratitude expressed to Rob Goldstone, the Kremlin messenger, by Donald Trump Jr. on being told he had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 7-20-17

Time to stop the status quo

Recently, I resigned from the Beautification Committee in North Canaan. The simple fact, I believe, is that those subcommittees of the Economic Development Committee were literally going nowhere. There are beautiful gardens and planters around town, and planted trees. It’s all a waste of time, I think.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — July 1917

TACONIC — Miss Edna Hunt has been suffering from an attack of laryngitis.

SALISBURY — Miss Gertrude Hardisty has taken a position in G.H. Clark’s Dry Goods store.

LAKEVILLE — Miss Ruth Silvernail of Millerton visited her aunt, Mrs. George Cook one day last week.


Alpha Dogs

Here’s to a good Bastille Day

We think that the election of Donald Trump was the most extraordinary of the recent past, perhaps followed by the Brexit vote, but I venture that the French elections have been the most consequential. 

The left and the right of French politics have been reduced to rubble, with some of their brightest drawn to President Macron’s centrist La Republique En Marche party. The parliamentary elections gave Mr. Macron an enormous majority, formed of many people who had never run for office before. 

Tired legislators vacation too soon

In the 50-odd years I have been writing about Connecticut’s legislature — and some of them have been odd, indeed — the lawmakers have habitually postponed action on the budget and other major issues until the final days, hours and, sometimes, minutes of the legislative session. 

On more than one occasion, with time running out, legislators literally turned back the chamber’s clock in order to remain in session.