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Baby you can (self-drive) my car

Judging by the many car commercials showing an oblivious (but happy) driver saved by technology from hitting a pedestrian, the campaign for the autonomous driving vehicle is shifting into high gear. Apparently, no one will be safe unless we agree to share (and eventually abandon) the driver’s seat.

A Luddite rant from an aging baby boomer? No. Although I do resent having it shoved down my throat, based on projected safety stats, some or all of it is probably inevitable. 

Vegas, The Leave-It-There City

Flushing truth and freedom down an Oval hole

“Captain Jack” Crawford was one of the original Black Hills Rangers. He survived many Old West adventures and was called “The Poet Scout.” This is the final stanza of his 1889 poem, “Truth”:


Truth may sparkle like diamonds,

But some men will cast it aside.

Instead they will treasure the mica,

And say to the truth, “Let her slide.”

The Dickey Amendment: Why gun violence hasn’t been a researchable problem

In the wake of regular mass shootings, both sides of the gun control issue have amassed their predictable arguments. Gun control advocates cry out for instituting background checks and limiting the sale of bump stocks and assault weapons, and gun advocates remind us that it’s the bad guys, not the guns, that are the problem. What neither side mentions is that for the past 25 years, virtually no research has been conducted to deepen our understanding of gun violence and the people who own and shoot guns.


Nuclear Weapons

Is figure skating a vanishing art form?

Over three weeks at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the entire world was rewarded with some of the most brilliant athletic examples of figure skating ever.  But there’s a growing problem:  Under new International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules, performance was judged and medals were awarded mainly on  athletics at the expense of aesthetics. How so?

Letter to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 3-15-18

A more fair way to elect the president

We here in Connecticut have an opportunity to be part of reforming the way we elect the president of the United States by joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). The Compact makes the election of the president like the election for any other office, by popular vote. It ensures that everyone’s vote matters equally.  It doesn’t abolish the Electoral College.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — March 1918

SALISBURY — Fred Marston expects to move into the house known as the “Bennett House” on April 1st.


LIME ROCK — Robert Humes who has worked on the Frost farm the past year is to vacate the first of April and move to Chapinville.


The young blizzard which struck town last Sunday raged fiercely throughout most of the day. The high wind and snow did some damage to wires and trees, but happily the snow was too heavy to drift to any extent.