Press Release Guidelines

To submit a press release about your organization, whether it be news of an upcoming meeting or event, officers chosen, or other information, fill out the form here and follow these guidelines for the release:

  • Who: Who is involved. Give us the name of your group. If the release is about new officers or someone being honored, give us the names and hometowns. Please be especially careful about the spelling of names. Never assume. Always check the spelling.
  • What: Describe the event in as much detail as possible. Give us the schedule of events or the order of musical acts performing, for example. Also give the admission or ticket prices, including any discounts for children, students, or senior citizens.
  • Where: Give a specific address.
  • When: Give the day of the week, date and time. If it is a walk-in event, give the opening and closing hours. If advance reservations are needed, be specific about the reservation deadline and from whom tickets can be purchased. For example, instead of saying "tickets are available from the Lions Club," give the names (and maybe telephone numbers) of two or three members from whom the public can order tickets.
  • Why: Many community events are fund-raisers. If yours is, tell the reader what the funds will be used for, whether it be a class trip, a building fund, new uniforms, etc.
  • More information: In addition to providing the newspaper with your name and phone number (not to be printed in the paper) in case we have questions, it is always helpful to include a name and number for publication in case the reader has a question.
    Children: Whether it's news of a new baby, entrance into college, graduation or an award of a young person in the community, we would like to include the names of the parents and the hometown. For example, "Samantha is the daughter of Frank and Heather of Salisbury..."
  • Other tips: Please do NOT write in all capital letters, except for asides or comments to the editor which will be deleted before publication. And do not send us the same correspondence in another form (snail mail or fax).

Any questions, just give us a call: (860)435-9873.