Letters to the Editor January 26, 2012

Letters To The Editor - Millerton News

Investigate town’s unauthorized billing

On Oct. 19, 2011, I received a bill postmarked Oct. 18 in the amount $45 on a claimant form from the town of Stanford, PO Box 436, Stanfordville, NY 12581, for “copies of the petition.” This bill was dated Oct. 17.

This form further informed me that “all bills are due upon receipt” and that a “2 percent finance charge will be added after 30 days.”

It included the Stanford town  bookkeeper’s phone number, but was not signed and had no invoice number; my name had been misspelled and my address was incorrect. The envelope’s return address was Office of Supervisor, Town of Stanford.                                          

I then contacted both town Supervisor Virginia Stern and Town Clerk Ritamary Bell. Much to my surprise, I was informed that neither knew anything about this bill nor who had issued it, or approved it. In fact the form itself was not recognized by either.                                                                                         

When I submitted a petition on Oct. 11 to the town clerk’s office, I was not informed that there would be a fee of any kind upon its submission or that there was a policy that I would be charged if copies were made for the town council. These were not copies made for my personal use.                                        

On Dec. 16, I received another bill for $45 on town of Stanford stationary from the town clerk’s office. I later learned that during a Town Board workshop on Dec. 12, Councilmen Mark D’agostino, Tom Dewhirst and Chris Flynn voted to charge me a fee of $45 for these same copies and directed the town clerk to send me the invoice.                                                                                          

It seems these three councilmen felt it necessary that residents should be charged 25 cents per copy for this service but, to my understanding, have not yet voted to create this policy (only voted to have me pay $45). Shouldn’t residents be informed of this fee upon submitting documents? I now have two bills: one from the town clerk’s office and one from no one knows where.

Question: Am I now expected to pay $90? I  have asked the board to investigate who may have issued this first bill and to review who is authorized to bill town residents. Also, to review the town’s billing policy regarding copies of documents for council use.

Note: I think it is necessary I make clear that both Supervisor Stern and Councilwoman Johanna Shafer had voted this down and have further made a motion to rescind this decision.                                                                     

David Albenda



Stone Scasso, thanks so much

While in our community there are a number of remarkable individuals, Stone Scasso has, at the age of 11, managed to place himself into a league of his own. Drawing on inspiration from his recent trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., with Millerton’s own American Legion Post 178 in July 2011, he has sought out from the community donations for American Legion Post 178’s Wounded Warrior Fund, which supports Post 178’s Operation Thank You Wounded Warrior as well as the designated fund to provided support to surviving local wounded warriors and veterans from all of our nations conflicts.

The officers and members of Post 178 want to take a moment to thank young Mr. Scasso in his extraordinary efforts, which will go a long way to supporting the post’s upcoming efforts. For his hard work, dedication and selfless service, we extend Stone Scasso our deep and profound thanks.   

For those wishing to support Mr. Scasso’s efforts and Post 178’s Wounded Warrior Fund, please make checks payable to American Legion Post 178, and write Stone/Wounded Warrior Fund in the memo. Checks may be mailed to American Legion Post 178, PO Box 22, Millerton, NY 12546 or dropped off at the Legion Home located on Route 44 in Millerton.

Robert Jenks

Commander and officer of Millerton Post 178