Appreciation – A. Whitney Ellsworth

A. Whitney Ellsworth clearly put the same care and attention to his local commitments as he did to his international ones.

As a member of the Salisbury Housing Committee’s Board of Directors, he gave wise counsel regarding the low-income rental housing supported through the years by the Ellsworth family.

Most recently he gave meticulous attention to our bylaws and articles of incorporation so we would be ready to work with federal agencies to provide more low-income rental housing in Salisbury.

We were truly fortunate to have such a gifted and dedicated man as a part of our board and our community. We will miss the twinkle in Whitney’s eye as he urged us on to “get it right.”

The Salisbury Housing Committee was yet another institution upon which Whitney left his mark.

Our deepest condolences go to his family and many dear friends.

— Anne Kremer, Lakeville