The Winsted Journal Editorial

Nourishing the spirit

If it seems as if the holiday spirit is in too short a supply around your house this year, even after the first annual viewing of some family members’ favorite holiday movies and such activities, there are ways to increase the good will to all that is so necessary to enjoying the shortest and darkest days of the year. You will have your own ideas — and this year we would really like to hear about them through the written word on our opinion pages — but here are a couple of suggestions to get you on your way.

Keep businesses in town: Shop local this season

Over the past few years online shopping websites have grown into a resource for consumers looking for deals and bargains.

These websites have evolved and developed into a convenient way for people to shop and purchase items by pointing a mouse cursor on a button and pressing “click.” 

Years ago it would take days for someone to receive an order from one of these shopping websites, but now shoppers can receive their orders usually in two days, sometimes even sooner.

Our thanks

In this and all holiday seasons, volunteers are always welcome and needed.

While sometimes they cannot be readily seen, there are always people who are in need in the Northwest Corner, including the homeless population, those who cannot afford to buy a nutritious meal and those who cannot afford to pay for medicine. 

In this week’s Winsted Journal, we profile several community organizations and volunteers who have all stepped up to help others.

Being president does not mean a free pass

Donald Trump is president-elect.

Despite the fact that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received the most popular votes, Trump garnered the most electoral votes from the Electoral College.

No street protest can change that. No internet petition can change that. No social media meme can change that. 

Police department needs narcotics officer

Over the past year, the Winchester Police Department has made significant inroads in combating the persistent drugs and narcotics problem in Winsted.

The department has also stepped up its game by training its officers to use Narcan for accidental overdoses and installing a prescription drug drop-off box in the department’s headquarters.

Also, throughout the year the department has made significant arrests pertaining to drug dealing and possession.

The department should be commended for its work in making the town a safer place.

Don’t get mad, vote

The national and state general elections will be held this Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Polls will be open statewide from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

With all the twists and turns during this year’s race for president it’s easy to understand why so many people can be so turned off of politics.

Gilbert School contract: Enough is enough

On Oct. 18, Gilbert School Superintendent Anthony Serio sent a letter to district parents criticizing the state’s Department of Education for not agreeing to a contract.

The school has been operating without a contract since the last one expired on June 30, 2015.

Gilbert operated without a contract for the whole 2015-2016 school year and now has operated without a contract for the first three months of the 2016-2017 school year.

Our endorsements for state races

With all the rhetoric and rancor in the presidential race, it’s almost easy to forget that there are races for state offices on this November’s general election ballot.

When it comes to these offices, we are endorsing governmental experience over any candidate’s political party or affiliation.

For the United States Senator race, we are endorsing Democrat Richard Blumenthal for a second term.

Our endorsement Clinton for president

For this endorsement, we could talk a lot about how Republican candidate Donald Trump has handled himself during his presidential campaign.

We could talk about how he handled the scandal that emerged on Oct. 7 when a lewd conversation from 2005 between him and Access Hollywood host Billy Bush leaked to the media just two days before a presidential debate.

Town deserves input in school district operations

Since he was appointed as the Winchester School District Receiver in August 2015, Robert Travaglini has done a lot of good.

While he himself has said in several interviews with The Winsted Journal over the past year that he “is not coming to the school district with a magic wand” and could not solve all of the district’s problems, he has made great strides in putting the district, which previously derailed due to a lack of academic and programming accountability, back on the right track.