A View From the Edge

News you may have missed: real American heroes

A little over a year ago, an accident happened in southern Spain. In a way it was an ordinary accident, a flying mishap, a deadly crash. Eleven died, 21 were injured. Yet many survived, in a circumstance that demonstrated that American selflessness and heroism are alive and well.

Saving America with sports

Quick quiz: Who out there likes sports? Let’s hear a cheer! Now, who out there does not like sports? Silence, except for one reader, and you need to join the rest of America or leave. Sports is as American as apple pie. No dissension allowed here.

Angelina Jolie is making a difference

A timely Q&A to detect psychopaths and narcissists

Definition of a psychopath: A manipulative person who wants to cause harm to others without feeling regret or responsibility. Here are the six questions you need to determine if someone is a psychopath:

1. If the person calls you a friend repeatedly once you feel any sympathy for them or their point of view.

2. If a person lies without compulsion and does not keep promises.

3. If a person sounds superior and patronizing.

Monsanto complicit? 300,000 farmers dead

In India, 300,000 farmers have committed suicide because of the financial failure of their farms — farms that had struggled with rising seed prices, water-dependent crops in drought conditions and chemical costs. Why? 

Three little news items you won’t hear about

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Reality TV and repetition

What I detest is that there is a total lack of faith by the latest reality TV producers and directors that I have any capability of recall or intelligence or deductive reasoning. Every program seems to need an explanation about what’s about to happen in the program or what has happened in the program. 

I hate(d) Valentine’s Day

“It’s just another florist holiday — or perhaps a Hershey holiday.” My family got very used to my complaining about what I felt was a false excuse for the commercialization of a supposed saint of love, but recently, I have begun to feel that I was perhaps very wrong indeed.

Mirror, mirror

Once there was a kingdom where the rulers always wanted to know what to do. So they conducted polls, and a whole industry sprang up with hundreds of pollsters saying, “I know best what you want to know!” And the rulers of this kingdom changed policy, wrote laws and generally changed the course of the country in favor of these polls.