A View From the Edge

The smartest men and women in the room

There are times when intellect is measured against intellect. In the mid-1800s, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace went head-to-head in determining the origin of life, or as Darwin put it, The Origin of Species. Timing? Wallace was a year ahead of Darwin, writing letters back from halfway around the globe to the National Geographical Society patrons  — who shared them with Darwin. 

Future of defense?

Anyone who follows the defense industry — and it is worth remembering that the Department of Defense controls about 16 percent of all tax dollars each year — has to be concerned at the escalating demands for cutting edge, super-new technology and futuristic developments for warfare on land, sea and in the air. 

What is ‘shovel-ready’?

When Obama suddenly needed to inject money into the economy in early 2009, he told his people to cast about and find “shovel-ready municipal and state projects” ready to go. 

What did they find? Almost 95 percent of the proposed public programs and projects were at the “approved for study” stage and did not qualify.  

Social programs are American

What’s wrong with books these days?

The short answer abounding these days is that there are too many of them being published and the media doesn’t really give a damn. That was not always the case in publishing or any other manufacture.

Culture: What’s in store for us?

Part 2 of 2


Anthropologists have conducted thousands of studies of the great apes, concluding that they are inventive and have traits akin to memory behavior (how to peel fruit for example). But they cannot imitate each other; they do not understand the benefit of sharing, unless trained to do so in human environments (zoos and research labs). In the wild, the great apes cannot innovate or imitate. 

I am not afraid; and so I make these vows

In these times when people assume that normal, safe, happy life is threatened, that there are forces of evil aligned against us, we begin to take it all too personally, and we begin to feel personally threatened.

Sometimes it is in the little things, like remembering to give way for people more needy than you. Get up from that train or bus seat for someone more in need. 

A quick primer on politics

On this page have been warnings that America is being infected by a political uprising virus sweeping the world that started in Tunisia with the first Arab Spring. And just like a medical virus, the world is a small place, and any virus popping up across the ocean will reach here with full impact.

Mass shootings, bigotry, sexism — all huge issues

In this time of change in America, many people are focused on issues they feel are close to home. Mass shootings, bigotry, racial tensions, sexual orientation, sexism, political divide — the list of issues felt personally seems almost endless. And indeed the media and our politicians are capitalizing on the seemingly endless need of the public to self-indulge personal bias and argument.

And all the while they are missing or downplaying the greatest growing threat to our nation.

In 2016, do we know what is the truth anymore?