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Blood and gore in the new cultural age: Aurora shootings

Seven years ago this week I wrote, for this paper, about the very real dangers of the gaming industry, feeding (seemingly harmless) trends of violence, images of mutilation and gore and inconsequential life or death considerations indoctrinated to children everywhere. I wrote:

“‘Parental controls are firmly in place,’ scream Entertainment Software Association. They also ‘prove’ the safety net for minors by showing that ‘adults only buy mature games.’ Yet their own study shows that 35 percent of all mature video game users are under the age of 18.”

Capitalism’s Achilles’ heel

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The current estimate (made by banking groups and economists) is that by the end of 2010 the global super-rich had at least $21 trillion hidden in secret tax havens. How much is that? Try the annual economy of the United States and Japan — combined!

Business may need a return to tribalism

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Companies cannot handle business unless they are properly managed. The problem is, American business has way too many managers and not enough leaders. And to make matters worse, the quality of managers has been left to colleges and universities, churning out MBA candidates, new employees all set to manage American businesses into oblivion. Why? Because managers’ training and function is to maximize revenue, maximize profit, maximize corporate efficiency in the near term.

Shameless promotion of violence

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Imagine a photograph showing seven teenagers posted on Facebook, showing three of them holding guns or assault rifles, proudly displaying a T-shirt of President Obama riddled with holes.

Business should become a force for good

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Business wants to grow. The problem facing business in this century is that, already, the 7 billion people on this planet are consuming 140 percent of the renewable resources of the planet. And the forecast is that there will be another 2 billion people within 40 years.

Please explain ‘dirty cloud computing’

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Dear EarthTalk: Why is Greenpeace upset with some leading tech companies for so-called “dirty cloud computing?” Can you explain?

Jeremy Wilkins

Waco, Texas

Leading tech companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft are now offering unprecedented amounts of data storage and access to “apps” on huge Internet-connected servers, saving consumers and businesses the hassle of installing and running programs and storing information on their own local computers.

The problem of hidden money and a hung Congress

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“There’s an awful lot of cash stored under an awful lot of mattresses,” said Sean O’Keefe, the chairman and CEO of EADS (Airbus) North America.

When the economy takes a dive, companies can either contract or invest. Mostly, for the past two years, they’ve done neither with any speed. They’re waiting. For what? A clear signal that they can get what they want. In short, they’re holding this Administration to ransom and in turn the American people too. Amongst the thousands of examples, let’s list a few:

FDA and big pharma in bed together

The government ruled this week to take $1.1 billion off a drug maker and dealer. The reason? Basically, in a power play, this drug dealer did not comply with the rules the Feds laid down — rules put in place to protect the consumer.

Numbers to ponder at annual tax time

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It’s tax time and everyone is faced with frightening numbers. Television news programs, newspapers and radio shows will be hammering away with really terrifying figures. Let’s get some facts out there for you to have some perspective. As of April, we have a national debt (meaning money the government has borrowed, mostly from Americans like you in the form of treasury bonds) that is — hold on to your seat — $15,579,852,946,457. Let’s call this $15.5 trillion to make it easier.

What is the liberal elite media we hear so much about?

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In an effort to divert the truth from the valid claim that most of America’s media time is pro-right wing — time spent listening to the radio, watching TV or reading print media like newspapers (after all, you cannot argue with the Nielson Ratings as reported to the Wall Street Journal) — the right-wing candidates, led by Newt Gingrich, have requalified the word media from its current iteration as liberal media to liberal elite media.