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Physics and a bigger car

The Silk Trade Route

Vegas, the Leave-It-There City

Call it what you will, but Vegas always wants to be a party town. Even with the internet and connectivity or perhaps especially because of the remoteness of colleagues, the need for humans to flock together once a year, like the swallows returning to Capistrano, provokes some strange conventions in Las Vegas. This month sees the annual American Frozen Food get–together — frozen food companies ready to shop and sell wares later to be thawed, boiled, microwaved — and all their attendees doing the chip ‘n dip with showgirls and one–arm bandits.

Vegas, The Leave-It-There City

Travel excitement

The legacy of Duck & Cover

Tomahawks may get nuclear heads

First, what’s a Tomahawk? A Tomahawk is a subsonic cruise missile. Long-range capability plus all-weather deployment make it a Navy favorite. You’ve seen them being fired from destroyers, submarines and other vessels toward Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Hard to detect, with ground following capability, they can sneak past defenses and pack a huge explosive punch.

World conflict, Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Unless you are a news junkie, you probably don’t know (but need to) what’s happening around the world. The U.S. military knows and is making plans, as always:

Afghanistan: Civil war, terrorism. Reduction of NATO forces in 2014 resulted in resurgence of the Taliban (what we used to call the Mujahedeen). 14,000 more troops now arriving plus increased U.S. air strikes.

The Arctic: Rising sea temperatures are melting ice, so new sea routes being opened, causing conflict (negotiation) among Canada, Russia, the United States and northern European Nations.

Dark side of free viral media

I get asked, “How can the paper afford you…” Good question since they don’t (and shouldn’t) pay anything (including a free paper.) Ah, you wonder, thinking of the hours and research, then why’s he doing it? Let’s put this in today’s jargon: I get the benefit of cross-platforming, expanding reach and viral media response, expanding my platform. I should. I don’t.

Lights at night must not be so bright

If you swap out one street light from incandescent or sodium to LED, and turn it’s intensity down deep into the night, you can save the town $25 a year. I swapped all my household lightbulbs to LED this last year. My electricity bill has dropped $30 a month. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Translate to a town’s whole street light bill and the town could save a couple of thousand per month. So far, so good, right?