Turning Back the Pages

Turning Back the Pages - 2-4-16

100 years ago — 1916

SALISBURY — Daniel Ashman received a present of a 35 pound Cod from L.J. Eggleston of Bath, Maine, on Wednesday.

Advertisement: Wanted — A woman for general housework, about Feb. 15th. Mrs. Chas. Moyer, Town Farm, Tel. 65.

Another snow storm struck town on Wednesday — Candlemas Day. The ground hog failed to see his shadow, perhaps he could not get out because his sidewalk was not shoveled. 

Turning back the pages 7-16-15

100 years ago — July 1915

LIME ROCK — Mrs. Dunn and son Joe of Falls Village were in town Sunday.


Master John Neville is now bell boy at the Wononsco House.


CHAPINVILLE — Miss Amelia Woodin is clerking at Clark & Dickinson’s store, Twin Lakes, for the summer.


Turning back the pages 5-15-14

100 years ago — May 1915
SALISBURY — Owing to the prevalence of measles there will be no Sunday School at the Congregational Church on Sunday May 16th.

CHAPINVILLE — Miss Lena Gray of East Canaan has been a guest at her home here.

SALISBURY — Carl Masten of Pine Plains is the new assistant at the station.

Turning Back the Pages - July 17, 2014

100 years ago — July 1914

SALISBURY — Philip Beers has finished his duties at Dufour’s barber shop.

Notice — Having purchased a good horse I am now prepared to do livery and trucking within reasonable limits. I also wish to announce that I will supply ice to anyone desiring it. D.M. Thrall Phone 68-4.

SALISBURY — John Landon is the new clerk at G.H. Clark’s grocery store.

A new building, a flooded carburetor and an Air Force graduate

100 years ago — August 1913

LIME ROCK — Mr. C.W. Barnum met with quite an accident last Sunday when coming down stairs he fell and hurt his back quite badly.

Turning Back the Pages - Aug. 15, 2013

100 years ago — August 1913

SALISBURY — Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wilson and family have moved to the Davis Ore bed.

The Under mountain road is again open to Sheffield after being closed nearly a year for state road work. It has been widened and new gravel has been used. After a little smoothing up and removal of loose stones the road will probably be a very good piece of highway.

In compliance with the new state law fire escapes will be placed on the Salisbury and Lakeville High schools.

Turning Back the Pages - January 17

100 years ago — January 1913

SALISBURY — E.E. Stalker of Salisbury is suffering from a badly burned arm caused by gasoline catching fire while he was at work in Dempsey and Sabin’s plumbing shop.

Grip colds are the fashion these days.

The route clerks on the trains state that the Lakeville post office is doing more parcels post business than any other station along the line of the C.N.E. road.

50 years ago — January 1963

Turning Back the Pages - January 10

100 years ago — 1913
Large front page display advertisement: FREE For a Few Weeks Only. FREE Two Gold Fish and a GLOBE to every buyer of 35 cents worth of any goods in this hustling store. Purchase must include a 10 cent box of Fish Food. Patent boxes furnished free in which you can carry 100 miles if necessary. Puff’s. Millerton, N.Y.

Turning Back the Pages - December 20

100 years ago — December 1912
SALISBURY — Margaret Spurr entertained several of her friends in a most pleasing manner, on Friday evening last. The evening was devoted to piano playing and games, all greatly enjoyed themselves.

LAKEVILLE — Benjamin delivered two Torpedo Runabouts to Torrington parties last week.

LIME ROCK —  Cap O’Donnell of West Cornwall was in town Monday.

Turning Back the Pages - December 13

100 years ago — 1912

It is understood that the piece of highway in front of the A.K. Chapin residence is to be improved next spring, and it certainly needs it.

LIME ROCK — Mr. Chas. Moyer at this writing is slowly improving, we are glad to say.

The house of William Hanley at Spencers’ Corner was destroyed by fire one night recently.

50 years ago — December 1962