The Millerton News Editorial

21st century water mapping in the pipeline

The village of Millerton is well on its way to having a completed map of its water system. This might not sound like a big deal, but it is.

That’s because once the entire water district is documented, the water operator and working supervisor can more easily pinpoint trouble spots: leaks, breaks, ruptures, etc.

The value of voting

Let’s keep this short and sweet. It’s the beginning of November. Elections are only days away.

It’s our duty as American citizens to get to the polls and elect those we believe are best suited to govern. Whether we are electing local leaders or the next president, the responsibility is ours to bear. 

Running for office in an oft-times thankless world isn’t easy. Those who do should be lauded, but more importantly, they should be given the respect of our vote. 

Should we legislate ethics?

We all have that little voice inside our heads that lets us know when we’re doing right or wrong. An internal mechanism, it’s an edit function to help govern how we behave.

Why then, one might ask, do towns and villages find the need to have codes of conduct, or ethics committees? That’s a question that came recently in the wake of a Millerton scandal that saw a Planning Board member and the deputy mayor responsible for a profane message scribbled on the dusty window of a local Realtor’s office door. 

North East Highway Garage purchase: Town Board was driven

Last week, the North East Town Board made an exciting announcement: land had finally been found — and bought — for a new highway garage facility.

It was a great deal. Purchased through back taxes, the town paid only $6,687.12 for a 3.7-acre wooded lot, north of the main light in the village of Millerton on Route 22, next to Charlie’s Repair Shop. The deal still has to be approved  by the Dutchess County Legislature.

Something needs to be done: Guns and mental illness in the United States

The tragedy in Las Vegas seems almost unfathomable. How, exactly, is our country supposed to recover from such senseless violence? When 58 people are shot and killed while attending a country music concert, it understandably shatters our peace of mind.

But that’s exactly what happened at the hands of 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a millionaire gambler and real estate investor who shot hundreds among a crowd of roughly 22,000 from his hotel window at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the Vegas strip. 

The right to dissent …

There are many things one would hope their president would be concerned about in today’s world: mass shootings, natural disasters, health care, tax reform. And, yes, race relations in the United States. But the way President Donald Trump has responded to the ongoing debate regarding NFL players taking a knee is both disappointing and disconcerting.

Crossing the line

When does a joke  go too far?

And what, exactly, constitutes a joke in the first place?

Those are questions being asked right now following confirmed reports that Millerton Planning Board member Peter Greenough, husband of Millerton Deputy Mayor Christine Bates, left an obscene message on  the front door of a local real estate agency. They were captured on a security camera at the scene, and Greenough readily admits he wrote the message — a joke, he said.

Thorne tours hint at future possibilities

At the bottom of Millbrook’s Franklin Avenue sits a pale yellow building with grand palladium windows. It’s the Thorne Memorial Building — a hallmark of the village’s gentle style and elegant Beaux-Arts architecture. Built in 1895, it’s welcomed all entering Millbrook and bid farewell to those leaving with solidity and grace.

Have you heard? The Lakeville Journal is moving

This is a big week for your community weekly newspaper. On Friday, Sept. 8, Salisbury Bank purchased The Lakeville Journal Company’s central location at 33 Bissell St. in Lakeville (see story on the front page.) After about two years of planning, the door is now open for the bank to create new offices for its people adjacent to its corporate facility and trust division along Bissell Street. This is a change that will also be beneficial for The Lakeville Journal Company, which publishes the Millerton News as well as The Lakeville Journal.