The Millerton News Editorial

Shop local, think global

Around the Harlem Valley, residents are preparing for summer. With that comes the fun, fresh experience almost all of us enjoy — shopping at our local farmers markets. Long a testament to the outdoor, open-air lifestyle so many in the region expound, farmers markets are a quintessential component of country living.

At the root of the farmers market experience — fresh produce, home-baked breads and other handmade goods — is one basic premise: eat local. 

Teachers should be evaluated for flexibility

A student is about more than a test score. 

That’s the philosophy behind the many teachers and union representatives who went to Albany in support of a new bill to change the state’s reliance on test scores for teacher evaluations. 

A press conference organized by the state teachers’ union, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), was held on Tuesday, May 8. Local representatives attended, including three from the North East (Webutuck) Central School District. Webutuck Teachers’ Union President Rebecca Garrard was among them.

Continuing the gun control discussion

The irony was not lost on America: guns were banned from the NRA convention in Dallas last week, at speeches given by President Trump and Vice President Pence on Friday, May 4. The speeches were in favor of gun owners and gun rights and critical of stricter gun control.

North East solar law is worth pursuing

Clean energy is a good thing. Saving energy, too, is a very good thing. Both can be obtained by pursuing solar power — which is exactly what the town of North East is hoping to do through a new solar law it’s considering.

The concept for a solar law was presented by Solar, Sign and Wind Committee Chairman Jon Arnason at a North East Town Board meeting held on Friday, April 20. Arnason’s group was formed at the recommendation of North East town Supervisor George Kaye, to examine how the town should regulate solar energy, wind energy and signs.

Earth Day 2018

Save the planet. It’s a rallying cry heard from environmentalists the world over — never more loudly than on Earth Day.

This year, as every other, Earth Day fell on April 22. It was the 48th anniversary of our country’s first such celebration.

A soundless spring

Spring for Sound. For seven years, it was a big attraction for the village of Millerton — one of the biggest. It drew musicians and music lovers from far afield to this small village — all as an important fundraiser for the North East Community Center (NECC).

Remembering the darkest days

Thursday, April 12, is Yom Hashoah — Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day. 

It’s an important day, a day to take stock of how far the human race has come since the Nazis slaughtered 6 million Jews — and millions of others — in World War II.  

Are we more aware of injustices in the world? 

Are we more aware of the dangers of racism and bigotry? 

Are we more aware of how powerful hate can be? 

Are we more humane, compassionate, kinder? 

Why the exodus from the Trump administration?

When 22 high-profile members of an administration leave their highly-coveted jobs — whether or not by choice — in the span of roughly 15 months, there’s clearly a problem. The Trump administration has been riddled with resignations and firings of top officials since the get-go. It seems to be systemic of the president’s devil-may-care approach to running our nation. And that’s very, very troubling.

Students reap the rewards of all things ag

The Harlem Valley has a rich agricultural history, still evident in ways large and small throughout the community. Though there are not nearly as many farms today as there once were, people in this region work hard to keep hold of their agricultural roots — an important part of making sure that our youth don’t lose touch with the role of the American farm in our everyday lives.

Silent protest spoke volumes

The protest. It’s a right so inherent to a free society that we often take it for granted. But we know of its power.

That’s why the planned walkout that students throughout the country participated in on Wednesday, March 14, was so important.