The Millerton News Editorial

Webutuck principal puts words to action

The Millerton News Editorial

It’s nice when a man sticks to his word. (Same can be said for a woman.) Might sound simple, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Case in point: Webutuck High School Principal Ken Sauer. During the summer Sauer made a statement — both bold and direct. He said he wanted to make Webutuck Middle/High School the top performing school in Dutchess County within two years.

Now some people just make statements to hear themselves speak. Others babble incoherently to fill awkward silences. Still more say “yes” to whatever they are asked without understanding what they are committing to.

It’s a matter of women’s health

The Millerton News Editorial

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department made a monumental decision this summer when it declared that health insurance companies must provide no-cost birth control and other preventive services to women starting in August 2012.

According to Planned Parenthood, “More than 38 million American women currently use birth control, and nearly all [98 percent] sexually active American women have used birth control at some time in their lives.”

Remembering Sept. 11

The Millerton News Editorial

Sunday, Sept. 11, marks the 10th anniversary of one of the darkest and most tragic days in America’s 235-year-old history. Those who lived through 9/11 will never forget the shock and confusion felt while watching events unfold on TV, as typically nonthreatening planes were turned into deadly weapons. Nor could anyone forget the heartbreaking scenes of flames and smoke, broken buildings and shattered glass, people running away from and rescue workers dashing into iconic structures transformed into crumbling tombs of death and destruction.

Schools open for fall

The Millerton News Editorial

Summer is winding to an end, and for families everywhere that means one thing and one thing only — the hallways are about to open wide for the new school year. Although it might be hard for some to believe, for most of us living in the Harlem Valley, come Sept. 7, school will be back in session. The transition from lazy summer days to hectic early morning races to the bus stop will take time for everyone to adapt to, but in the final analysis teaching children (no matter what age) the importance of sticking to a schedule is not a bad thing.

Board members don’t have to agree, but they do have to be civil

The Millerton News Editorial

We’ve said it before: If you are or want to be a public official, mind your manners and your temper. The behavior of some of our local politicians these days is both shameful and discreditable. They ought to know better — and deep down they probably do. So why, at a recent public meeting, did two councilmen get into a squabble so severe they nearly broke into fisticuffs?

Life is sweet in Wassaic

The Millerton News Editorial

Who could have imagined that the small, rural hamlet of Wassaic, just an infinitesimal pinpoint on the U.S. map, would have become a Mecca for artists from around the Northeast? Certainly none could have predicted it just a few years ago when Bowie Zunino, Eve Biddle and Elan Bogarin put their heads together and created The Wassaic Project — a yearly arts festival that has attracted the attention of creative minds from Manhattan and beyond, reviewers from The New York Times and thousands of attendees. And last week’s event was as successful as those in years past.

Libraries have lots to offer in the summer

The Millerton News Editorial

When most of us think of summer, we imagine ourselves splashing in the water while the sun beats down or lying on the sand with a cool drink in our hands, perhaps watching children play while building castles in the sand. Few of us contemplate bringing our families to the local library to spend time inside dark, shelf-lined repositories searching for how-to books or ancient encyclopedias, while friends and neighbors are busy enjoying the great outdoors.

Solid information is important for towns

The Millerton News Editorial

The town of Pine Plains is planning ahead as it undertakes an important project ­— property data collection — under the leadership of the Board of Assessors. Though the process usually leads straight into a property reassessment, Board of Assessors Chairman Jim Mara is careful to stress that is not necessarily the case here and the data collection is strictly that — a chance to collect updated information on all town properties so property record card data can be reconciled with what actually exists.

Dutchess County has an artistic side

The Millerton News Editorial

What kind of world would there be without art?

That, thankfully, is a question we don’t have to ponder. All the more so thanks to the efforts of artists and innovators like Carole Wolf, founder and executive director of Mill Street Loft and its Dutchess Arts Camp, which reaches from Millbrook to Poughkeepsie, Beacon to Red Hook.

No distractions while driving on the highway

The Millerton News Editorial

Text no more while behind the wheel, or else. That is the message from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who signed a law last week toughening the enforcement of a ban on texting while driving.

The much needed measure is a lifesaver, no doubt about it, as according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009 one out of every six fatal accidents was caused by distracted driving.