The Millerton News Editorial

September 11, 15 years later

It’s been a sobering 15 years since terrorists struck down the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, on Sept. 11, 2001. Ever since, the United States has been on high alert — watching and waiting for possible repeat attacks here and around the globe.

Students get a glimpse into their possible future through Scrubs Club

Practical experience — in any given field — is critical to learning. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be exposed to such training before joining a trade or profession, but those who do certainly have a leg up on those who don’t.

The Scrubs Club, piloted at Dover High School four years ago and picked up by Webutuck High School, among others, is the perfect example. It is a health career program for youth that has recently won a national award for its forward thinking and obvious success.

Just how long should term lengths be?

It’s a real quandary — how long should our town officials serve in office after being elected — and should their terms be shorter or longer? 

The issue was raised in the town of Amenia recently, when Town Clerk Dawn Marie Klingner said she’d like to see the length of her term extended from two to four years. 

Staying vigilant when crime is on the rise

No one likes to think that crime can occur in their own backyard. But it does, even right here in the idyllic rural village of Millerton, and throughout the Harlem Valley.

As has been reported in this newspaper and others, there’s been something of a crime wave in these parts in the last couple of weeks. There have been vehicles stolen, homes burglarized and businesses broken into. Money has been stolen and so have credit card accounts. 

The need for a unified scholastic vision

It’s tough for school districts to have one great equalizer when it comes to teaching literacy. That’s why North East (Webutuck) Central School District Superintendent of Schools Ray Castellani and the Webutuck Board of Education (BOE) decided to make pursuing a unified literacy vision a top priority.

Revisiting free and reduced-price lunches

We addressed the issue of free and reduced-price meals for area students in the July 7 issue of The Millerton News, in a front-page article about the North East Community Center’s (NECC) summer Lunch Box program and in an editorial on the same subject. Those pieces inspired a conversation between this newspaper and Pine Plains Central School District Superintendent of Schools Martin Handler; we found that the subject merits further discussion. 

Fire district disclosed too little, too late

The Pine Plains Fire District wants the public’s approval to finance a $400,000 bond in order to build a new firehouse across the street from its existing firehouse. And due to the lack of publicity on the matter, some people who are just learning about this now have less than one week to decide how they’re going to vote. That is, of course, if they’re going to vote.

The Harlem Valley: a great place for literature

The Harlem Valley has many advantages: its beauty, its history, its people. As of late there’s also been a focus on the region’s writing talent — with everything from the popular Millbrook Literary Festival, held this past weekend, to the Young Writers’ Contest in Pine Plains (winners were just announced and will be published in The Millerton News) and the Every Hero Has a Story writing contest through the NorthEast-Millerton Library.

Go green, plant a tree

Many of us take things for granted: our friends and family, our health, our homes, our jobs — even the food we eat each and every day. Break it down further and many humans are often thankless for the daily gifts from the earth itself: the lapis-blue sky, the blazing, golden sun and the emerald green trees. We need, it seems, a moment now and then to put things into perspective — time to appreciate the beauty and purpose of what surrounds us — a chance to soak it all in.