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The proof is in the emails

We’ve said it on this page before and we’ll likely say it again: intent counts.

Case in point? The scandal created by Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney before the November elections, to learn information harmful to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Girls and women deserve more

There’s so much that we, as Westerners, take for granted. For most of us, to varying degrees, we have food and water, we have sanitation, we have medicine, we have transportation. Going without one of any of these basic essentials is beyond what most of us can probably even imagine.

Was America’s birthday spoiled by its president?

We recently joined together to celebrate the birth of our nation — as good a time as any to look at the way we treat one another as fellow Americans. While all of us could probably do with a quick refresher course on lessons of citizenship and civility, none needs it more desperately than our president, Donald J. Trump.

Just last week, Trump reignited the all-too-justified fears about his irresponsible use of Twitter — and his childish responses to those who second guess his authority, or his wisdom.

Shooting highlights the worst in politics

If the shooting last week in Alexandria, Va., at the practice session of a Republican Congressional baseball team showed us anything, it’s that people have reached their boiling point. 

Sadly, people don’t know how to control themselves and they don’t know how to find civilized solutions to their problems. This statement applies as much to the politicians who inspired such hate as the gunman who pulled the trigger. Understand, however, that reality in no way justifies violence.

Thanks, ‘NASCAR’ Dave

Thanks, ‘NASCAR’ Dave

There are many wonderful residents living in the Tri-state region, but few have made as big a difference as “NASCAR” Dave MacMillan. MacMillan has run the Sunday in the Country Food Drive (SITCFD) for the past 25 years with great success — feeding thousands who would otherwise have gone without during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Downside of withdrawing from Paris agreement

Does the United States — arguably the most revered democracy in the free world — really want to share ranks with the likes of Syria and Nicaragua? Well, now that President Donald Trump has pulled this country out of the Paris Climate Accord, it is. Like those two less-developed, and, some might argue, less conscientious nations, the U.S. is now only the third nation to totally reject the historic agreement. 

Making Memorial Day last for more than just a day

Every year, this newspaper covers Memorial Day parades and ceremonies held throughout the Harlem Valley. We intend to continue to do so. But the holiday, known as the unofficial kickoff to the summer season, should provide us with more than just a day off from work or school. It should give us pause, to reflect on what the military does for the American public, day in and day out.

The 20th is May Day

Memorial Day, the official start of the summer season, is just around the corner. But folks right here in the Harlem Valley aren’t waiting for the calendar  to hit May 29 to get the season kicked off in a big way. Saturday, May 20, in fact, is so chock-full of activity that it makes one’s head spin.

So many reasons why …

Being a teenager isn’t easy. The body and mind are changing. Social stratification is linked to self worth. Responsibilities grow. Pressure builds. It is, in sum, a period of great stress.

A healthy mind might successfully grapple with such challenges. It can be difficult, but doable.

An unwell mind, one struggling with mental illness, cannot deal with stressors so easily. Life can be dampened by depression, anxiety, psychosis. When things are really dire, teens might turn to suicide as a way out.

LAPping it up …

LAP. It stands for Local Action Project, something that’s being promoted by the teachers’ association of the North East (Webutuck) Central School District. 

With a recommendation from Webutuck Teachers’ Association (WTA) leader Rebecca Garrard, LAP is a way for the district to better connect with the community it serves. This goes beyond engaging with taxpayers during budget time, or contractual talks, it’s applicable throughout the academic year — in ways big and small.