The Lakeville Journal Editorial

Time to develop an appreciation for our town centers

As winter and the new year settle in, and the afterglow of the holiday season has become a distant memory, it’s a very good time to look close to home for some respite during the cold months ahead. In the Northwest Corner, and in our bordering states, there are town centers that are vibrant and have grown and changed over the past year. Take the time now to visit them and connect with your neighbors all around the region.

Searching for balance amid all the chaos

This has been a year of extremes.  Perhaps its seeming that way is partly due to the mercurial behavior at the top of our nation’s government by President Donald J. Trump. It could be it actually is our president’s chaotic approach to leadership that makes events and cultural trends seem more extreme compared to other times. 

Compromise, wasted money, in Winsted health center settlement

After an almost eight-month court battle, the Winsted Planning and Zoning Commission approved a settlement with the Community Health and Wellness Center of Greater Torrington (CHWC) at its meeting on Nov. 27. (See story by Shaw Israel Izikson, The Lakeville Journal, Dec. 7.)

The legal saga started in March when CHWC, which is currently located in the Winsted Health Center building at 115 Spencer St., filed a special permit for the center to move to Winsted Super Saver IGA’s former space at 372 Main St.

Collections are an important museum asset

Small community museums exist in a tentative world, their collection expansions inhibited by strong competition, their display innovations curbed by lack of funding, their visitation challenged increasingly by digital distractions.

The Holley-Williams House in Lakeville — which inexplicably on Yelp and a dozen other internet travel sources is listed as alive and open to the public — was decommissioned and sold in 2010 as the Salisbury Association struggled to staff and maintain the facility.

Affordable Care Act enrollment

In our last editorial on the ACA, there were a couple of points that need clarification, and this is one topic that needs all the clarification humanly possible.

The open enrollment period in Connecticut ends at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 22, 2017, rather than on Dec. 15, as in some states. The coverage begins on Jan. 1, 2018. So take that extra time to do the research necessary at Access Health CT, www.accesshealthct.com/AHCT/LandingPageCTHIX, to figure out the best option for you and your family. 

Gratitude and change

Each year at this time, for each of us, there are different reasons to be thankful. Depending on one’s stage in life, gratefulness can be based on a wide range of realities.

For this small community publishing company, The Lakeville Journal, it’s been a challenging time, what with selling our home since 1983 to Salisbury Bank and moving into a new, much smaller, space in a new town. It seems that such upheaval inevitably breeds more change, as seen in this week’s story on our new associate and Compass editors.

In honor of the elders who inspire our youth

The Housatonic Valley Regional High School Alumni Association is one of the most active such organizations around. Their service to the high school has gone above and beyond, and their initiatives often have the good of the current students at the school in mind, rather than simply the reminiscences of their own time spent there.

Care Act is still in force

The process, such as it has been, of our president and Congress trying to find an answer to the problem of providing health care to the American people has resulted in failure, according to their own stated goals. So, what has happened instead of “repeal and replace” very quickly upon their obtaining power in Washington is that the Affordable Care Act remains in place.