The Lakeville Journal Editorial

Our endorsements for Nov. 7 elections

What’s the best thing about local municipal elections? They aren’t the national ones. We can rest assured (can’t we?) that there won’t be Russian intervention or intensely personal attacks on Twitter during this year’s town races. For that, we can only be grateful.

A time for change

This is the week, after residing in Lakeville since 1897, that The Lakeville Journal will move its core operations to make its new home in Falls Village. Our new location is at 64 Route 7 North, where we will be renting a long, low, one-story, 2,800-square-foot building from Michael and Joann Garfield Real Estate. Our new landlord, Mike Garfield of Garfield Builders, will continue to operate his business on the same property, next door in his busy and well-kept woodworking shop.

Gun control: We need answers

In this era of extreme polarization in our country, what will it take to make some measure of compromise happen? 

On changes in federal gun control legislation, we wrote much the same thing as this and the following almost five years ago, after the shooting in Newtown at Sandy Hook elementary school: If not now, then when? But in the time since, there have been many more school shootings, and mass shootings, with the record-setter in Las Vegas still stunning our national psyche. 

It’s OK to disagree, but not to attack

For those who were thinking this bucolic corner of the world might be immune to the vituperative divisiveness seen across the country, think again. There is plenty of uncivil discourse and action to go around, even here.

Changes at Housatonic Valley Regional High

When the financing for renovations at Housatonic Valley Regional High School (HVRHS) was first being discussed, one thing that was quite clear from the beginning, upon which everyone generally agreed, was that the upgrades were necessary and had probably been put off too long already. Even given that fact, however, it still was not a simple step to take to spend the money when the number of students at the high school has been steadily declining over the past years.

Have you heard? The Lakeville Journal is moving

This is a big week for your community weekly newspaper. On Friday, Sept. 8, Salisbury Bank purchased The Lakeville Journal Company’s central location at 33 Bissell St. in Lakeville (see story on the front page). After about two years of planning, the door is now open for the bank to create new offices for its people adjacent to its corporate facility and trust division along Bissell Street. This is a change that will be beneficial for both Salisbury Bank and The Lakeville Journal.

Welcome back to school

It’s that time of year again, when school buses and walking children appear on the roads, making their way back to classes for their next school year. Whether it’s kindergarten, fourth grade, eighth grade, high school or even college, it’s always a time of mixed feelings for students: anticipation can be measured out equally with trepidation, anxiety balanced by the enthusiasm to take on new challenges.

Farewell to The Winsted Journal, and welcome to The Lakeville Journal

Last week, Aug. 25, was the final one for The Lakeville Journal’s sister newspaper, The Winsted Journal, which this company has published since 1996. The Winsted newspaper never had a shortage of topics, with an active community that values its traditions and has faced daunting challenges over the past decades.