The Lakeville Journal Editorial

Thank a town clerk — and vote on Aug. 14

There are too many things in life we take for granted. Those who live in the Northwest Corner should take a solid look at the work the town clerk in each of their towns does, and consider what that work means to the lives of the people they serve. In an election year like this one, their role in holding together the strands of our democracy on the local level should be clear and appreciated, now more than ever.

A big change, almost a year on: Is it working?

Media companies are under a lot of pressure in this moment, especially any of those that print on paper, even if in conjunction with online publications. The media is too often now dismissed by the nation’s leaders, who should understand the crucial role the Fourth Estate plays in the health of democracy. The challenges make it hard for any large or small media company to survive, and many across the country have not. 

No easy answers at Sharon Hospital

There was a strong and swift reaction to the leak of Health Quest and Sharon Hospital’s plan to close the birthing suites in Sharon (see story in this issue by Cynthia Hochswender.) The leak happened the weekend of June 30 - July 1; hospital officials wanted to embargo the information until July 3, when they had planned to make the announcement public. It became clear they had told  too many people of their plans prior to the official release when it was posted on Facebook on July 1.

A new beginning for housing in Salisbury

Salisbury has taken the positive step of approving at town meeting the Holley Block option for the Salisbury Housing Committee to lease property on Millerton Road in Lakeville owned by the town, and then begin the process of analyzing it as a site for 12 to 18 affordable housing units. It is just the beginning of any possible plans, with the next step being gathering the funds to pay for feasibility studies and proposed designs for the units and the parking to accommodate those who would live there.

How about some help for the economy here?

It can surely be universally agreed that Connecticut needs to boost its economy, not just on the shoreline or around Hartford, but throughout the state. Yet there is a perception, arguably based on reality, that money almost never funnels first, second or even third to the Northwest Corner. This is a time when that theory will again be tested. 

Looking back, but then looking forward

I believe you make your own luck. My motto is, ‘It’s always a mistake not to go.’

— Tom Brokaw


Housing initiatives critical for the region

How important is affordable housing to the health of our society here in the Northwest Corner? If you have been following this newspaper’s news and opinion coverage over the past years, you will know that we believe it is critical. And we don’t come by that opinion in a vacuum. It has been backed up through studies done by area foundations, commissions, committees, and of course by the area towns’ state assessment as far as percentage of affordable housing compared to what Connecticut actually requires.

Mutual benefits: Summer interns are here!

This is the time of year when we at The Lakeville Journal are fortunate enough to welcome into our fold a new group of interns, who begin to arrive soon after their school years end, barely taking enough time to breathe before plunging into their next project. For that, we can only admire them.

Winsted should approve the proposed budget

Budget time in Winsted is never a simple time, nor is it for any town, but it is a time when all residents should use this opportunity to make their voices heard on the way their taxes are spent. Winsted residents will have a chance to vote on the proposed fiscal 2018-19 town budget at a referendum on Saturday, June 2, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Pearson Middle School. 

Community unity while remembering the fallen

The Tri-state area is home to many commemorations that happen here annually for Memorial Day. For years, the day’s ceremonies have been planned carefully by groups of veterans and citizens in each town who care deeply about the sacrifices made by their neighbors who gave their all in the service of their country.