The Lakeville Journal Editorial

Now comes the governing

No matter the outcome of the municipal elections, however each race has panned out, whether it went for the candidate you supported or not, now is the time for residents in each town to pull together and get down to the business of running the government. That is the great difference between local elections and the statewide or national ones: All those who won office can now put aside party allegiances and think wholly about the good of their towns.

Now is the time for gun reform legislation

It’s not often that The Lakeville Journal feels the need to return to what may be considered a national issue repeatedly in consecutive months. After all, readers get their national news elsewhere, and look to this publication for local news. But when it comes to gun reform, there cannot be too much said. Not when action still has not been taken by our political leaders, even after the mass shootings of August made it seem inevitable to some that action would be taken in September when Congress returned to its current session in Washington, D.C. 

State needs to take second look at highway safety in Salisbury

Sometimes a problem seems so obviously in need of a solution that one just cannot imagine getting pushback when trying to find and implement the correct approach to fixing it. One such problem is the difficult one of pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety in downtown Salisbury. 

21st Century Fund marks a quarter century

Everyone should remain aware of what it is that inspires them to do better in their lives, and try to follow that. Why? Because one bit of inspiration, absorbed by the right person, can change the course of many other people’s lives as well as their own. 

The Journal’s reporting on state police activity

Every so often, this newspaper takes on the question of how, and why, we handle publishing the police blotter, which at this time we do weekly from the public information put out by Connecticut State Police Troop B in North Canaan. Additional coverage can happen if we know of something that has occurred in Kent, and then we would approach Troop L in Litchfield to obtain information they may have on an incident or alleged crime.