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Can the GOP fix the fine mess we’ve gotten into?

To paraphrase what Hardy often said to Laurel, “It’s a fine mess we’ve gotten us into.”

Credit for much of the messiness has to go to the Democratic Party, which has controlled the executive and legislative branches of state government for the past eight years. 

But some of the credit for the mess must be shared by the Republican Party, which controlled the governorship for 15 of the past 22 years and played nicely with the Democratic legislative majority in giving the mess its momentum. 

Could CT have a third-party governor?

Could Connecticut become the Land of Oz in 2018?  

That’s Oz as in R. Nelson “Oz” Griebel, the latest in a long line of candidates for governor.  Never heard of him? That’s no problem. We’ve never heard of most of the candidates for that open position and aren’t terribly excited about those we’ve heard of.

Trump now wants to use ‘alternative words’

Within days of Donald Trump’s inauguration, George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” became the best-selling book in every category at Amazon.com.

This 67-year-old novel about a society manipulated by an authoritarian government had been selling well since the surprise election of Trump the previous November. This was also true of Sinclair Lewis’ tale of an American fascist president, “It Can’t Happen Here.”

Dems shun governorship

What do Joseph Courtney, James Himes, Elizabeth Esty, George Jepsen, Kevin Lembo, Nancy Wyman and Edward Kennedy, Jr. have in common?

Many office holders are growing too old on the job

Since at least the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who broke the unwritten law of two-term presidencies, there have been efforts to limit the time our elected leaders can serve.  

The 22nd amendment, passed and ratified soon after FDR’s death, made certain we would never have another three-or-four -term president, another Roosevelt, and we most assuredly have not—had another Roosevelt.  It can be argued the limitation has weakened the second terms of many presidents.

Lying and bigotry in the land of Donald Trump

Imagine someone distributing a photo of a child being thrown off a roof with the caption, “Jewish mob pushes teenage boy off roof and beats him to death” or another alleging, “Baptist destroys statue of Virgin Mary.”

You would reasonably conclude the distributor of this venom is a bigot.

So how would it be different if the word Muslim was substituted for the word Baptist or Jew? How would singling out members of the world’s second largest religion be any different?

Bill Clinton made Donald Trump president

As the roster of celebrated sexual harassers grows, one man has more to answer for the damage his acts of sexual depredation have done to this country than any other. 

We’re not talking about the alleged child abuser Roy Moore, or the Hollywood lecher Harvey Weinstein. Not Bill O’Reilly or Charlie Rose or Kevin Spacey or Al Franken. Not even the president we have on tape boasting about how he could sexually abuse anyone he wished because that’s what a star like him can do.

It’s Bill Clinton.  

Who will our next candidates for governor be?

Connecticut could have had two women running for governor next year and the timing couldn’t have been better for this overdue phenomenon. But it won’t happen.  

There’s still a chance the Republicans will nominate the party’s second and the state’s third female candidate but the Democrat is likely to be male.  

A GOP senator mourns the party’s lost honor

It was a time of fear and division, not unlike today.  North Korea was threatening war.  Russia had detonated its atomic bomb and China had fallen to the communists, lost, it was said, by President Truman and the Democrats.  The president was at odds with Congress and a Senate demagogue was feeding on all of this unease by lying his way to growing power and influence.

And some thoughtful Republicans were becoming disturbed at what was happening to their party.

Remembering the days when both parties liked Ike

Are we facing the demise of the historic two-party system that has served the nation so well?  

Will the next presidential election be between Trump or a Trumpian type on the right and a Bernie Sanders facsimile on the left with third and maybe fourth parties vying for those of us in the center right and left with no place to go?

Have we ever seen such a mess in modern presidential history?

The answers are No, Maybe and Yes.