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UConn’s Torrington campus — once the ‘crown jewel’

The loss of UConn’s Torrington campus would be a cultural travesty.

Do not close UConn Torrington campus: Small is beautiful

The arguments coming out of the UConn Storrs main campus to the proposed closing of the Torrington campus are unbelievable.

The following facts counter the cherry picked and misleading information:

1) The current Torrington campus director since July 2013 has also been the full-time director of the Waterbury Campus during this same period, and supposedly spent one day a week (cannot confirm hours) in Torrington.

Secrecy in Government Awards

In recognition of national Sunshine Week, The First Annual Secrecy in Government Awards are offered by the board of directors of the nonprofit Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information (CCFOI).

A letter to my cousin on entering the military

Part 2 of 2

The first part ran in the Jan. 14 issue of The Lakeville Journal, and can be found at www.tricornernews.com. It was shared by Lee Crawford of Lakeville, who is the aunt of Colin and Alec.


Which world will it be? Fear or light?

It’s up to us

Sharon and the transfer station

Waste disposal is a public health problem. Municipalities that fail to deal with it properly risk blight, vermin and disease. “Garbage” can be a dirty business, and organized crime may gain a foothold, because no one else wants to deal with garbage.