Guest Commentary

Does your vote mean what you think it does?

Next Friday, July 26, there will be a Town Meeting and a vote in Cornwall that could have a profound impact on the town’s future and perhaps even its continued existence. Is it overly dramatic to say that the future of not just West Cornwall, but all of Cornwall, hangs on the ballot’s 39 words and a rather modest expenditure?  I would tend to say probably not — if the voting outcome gave voters a clear picture of what their vote would achieve — but it doesn’t.

A true consensus on community septic systems looked for in Cornwall

The June 28 Cornwall Town Informational Meeting about a Community WasteWater System for West Cornwall triggered substantial attendance. As the chair of the West Cornwall Water/Septic Study Committee, I was reinvigorated by the lively debate.

Taking responsibility for babies: Where are the men?

You have seen them on the news, on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court: women wearing modest red gowns and white bonnets silently protesting the loss of reproductive rights. This is nothing new. Women have been trying to gain control over their own bodies for thousands of years.

An opinion on West Cornwall’s septic problem

I have spoken with quite a few property owners in the town of Cornwall who do not agree that the entire town should pay for the septic solution of West Cornwall’s private property owners. That said, I was willing to listen and hoped more would. I went to the West Cornwall septic meeting held Friday night, June 28. The majority of people there appeared to be from West Cornwall. I was disheartened not seeing many of the people I had spoken to.

Now is the time to save Camp AHA!

For nearly 30 years, North Canaan has had an after-school program called AHA! It was started by two moms years ago, Lynn Nania and Marcia Ramunni, who had young children at that time. After the first year, Lynn became the sole director. She has continued to keep this program going, which has been a godsend for working parents. Having a safe place with fun activities for your kids until you get out of work is crucial. AHA! provided that.

D-Day: Here’s what it was like for a child in England

On the 75th Anniversary of D-Day recently, I began to remember a few things about D-Day that not many people still living would be able to recollect. And I thought readers might find them interesting. 

We’re better when we work together

We are better together than we are alone.

It was one of many thoughts that crossed my mind Friday, March 15, at a ceremony in Sioux Falls, S.D., where I gave the keynote speech welcoming new citizens from 40 different countries to these United States. It was my first time at a naturalization ceremony. I wish everyone in America could experience it.

The true collusion: Trump and Russian literature

It may seem like the billionaires in Russia — Aras Agalarov, Dmitry Rybolovlev, Viktor Vekselberg — and agents with like-sounding and Scrabble-winning names like Konstantin Kilimnik are the ones directing Trump like a marionette from points east. 

But I am more afraid that he has been getting his cues from Russian literature — and that is far more dangerous.

Bottled water a good idea?

The most valuable natural resource on the planet besides air, fresh water is becoming scarcer throughout the world. Over 2 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, potable drinking water. In the Middle East and elsewhere, the lack of water has fueled the frequent wars of recent times. Climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices are reducing the supply of available water, and the ability to grow food, for much of the increasing world population.