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Our endorsements for Nov. 7 elections

What’s the best thing about local municipal elections? They aren’t the national ones. We can rest assured (can’t we?) that there won’t be Russian intervention or intensely personal attacks on Twitter during this year’s town races. For that, we can only be grateful.

The Korean question: the importance of finding answers

So far, the political tension between the United States and North Korea has been confined to a war of words and not much else. Recent verbal threats and counter-threats, however, reached a new level. Here I will stray from strictly financial analysis to the political, military and diplomatic.

Letter to the Editor - Winsted Journal - 8-25-17

Thank you to Winsted leaders

In the 15 years that we have lived in Winsted, I have communicated with every level of town government regarding important negative issues, with which we have had to deal, often daily. We were on the verge of moving out of town and turning our house into another rental property for Winsted to have to deal with. 

Then Police Chief William Fitzgerald and Town Manager Bob Geiger entered our lives.

President Trump’s worst week, except for most of the others

After six months of telling literally hundreds of lies, our president decided to become the fact-checker-in-chief, but that hasn’t worked out too well either.

Maybe, as President Trump insists to this day, there were “many very fine people” among the Charlottesville torchlight paraders chanting Nazi slogans like “blood and soil” (blut und boden) and “Jews will not replace us.” 

‘Divider in Chief’ has no class

When troubling times and events take place in America we have often looked to the president of the United States for reassuring words and to unite us.

The past few days have proved once and for all that President Donald J. Trump is not someone that anyone can look toward when it comes to any of those words, or to unify the country in any way, shape or form.

Forked Tongue

Congressmen financially unopposed

Seventeen years ago, this column offered congratulations to four of Connecticut’s six members of Congress for their “splendid victories” months before Election Day. This was possible because the four were financially unopposed by relative unknowns, and their reelection was certain. 

Trump tweets outdo Blumenthal aggrandizing

Since Sen. Richard Blumenthal represents Connecticut rather than Wyoming or West Virginia, his denouncing President Donald Trump and being denounced by the president in turn can only build support for him in his home state, where the president is poorly regarded.

Letters to the Editor - Winsted Journal - 8-11-17

Thoughts and emotions at newspaper’s closing

I heard the news that The Winsted Journal would soon no longer exist in its current form, and I immediately felt multiple feelings intensely, including pity and sadness, personally and professionally.

Being proactive about drug problem

The formation of an ad hoc task force on the opioid crisis and addiction, instigated by Selectmen Todd Arcelaschi at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Aug. 7, is a good way for the town to be proactive concerning its ongoing and very substantial problems with the opioid crisis.

At the meeting, Arcelaschi presented horrific statistics — national, statewide and local — concerning the crisis.

All of the statistics were quite disturbing, but the statistics on Winsted were probably the most disturbing of them all.