Today is another hot and humid day in a summer that has seen many of them. Despite recent rains, the rivers remain low and the sun is bright and my garden still thirsts for rain. Some folks like it hot and muggy but I am not one of them. Today is the kind of day I wish I were at the beach, rather than in a room without air conditioning.

Actually, my garden is doing well this summer because I have carefully weeded and watered it and all that warm sunshine is making my vegetables grow with vigor. The dry weather also means there is less powdery mildew on the leaves of the wild...

The Millerton News Opinion/Viewpoint


Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-28-18

Police are doing their jobs

I am writing in response to “Concerns about police practices in Millerton” in the June 14 Millerton News.

After reading this article many times, I am still puzzled as police officers are apparently doing their jobs. All of the “minor infractions” listed are just that, minor infractions. Here is a wake–up call for all of you out there who drive in New York state.

The case of Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Deadly inherited diseases start to yield

Part I of 2


A few years ago, a friend asked me if I could take over a basic science lecture he was scheduled to give to 220 first-year medical and dental students at Columbia’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. He had to go to a wedding or take a kid to college or some such. He handed me his PowerPoint presentation, grinned and said, “Good luck.” I had two weeks to work on it.

They don’t agree? Act on your beliefs!

What do you do when your team, your staff, your employees, your chosen loyal subordinates won’t listen? What do you do when you sound them out with an idea and all the experts on the topic disagree with your idea and, in fact, worry it’ll start a race with adversaries for superiority – at a cost and risk that those same experts are uniquely able to judge? You? Are you an expert? Let’s say that’s unlikely.

Life after graduation

Education unlocks our world. Since we were children, we’ve watched, we’ve read, we’ve repeated, we’ve  learned. All skills, those lessons have armed us with the information we’ve relied on to take us into adulthood.

This past weekend, students from around the Harlem Valley celebrated their many years of learning with that unmistakable rite of passage: graduation.

Teddy Bear

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 6-28-18

We need a change from amoral leadership

Improved prognosis for local pharmacies

There aren’t too many independent corner pharmacies these days where people can go for their medical and personal care needs. But, amazingly, right here in the Harlem Valley there are two places one can do exactly that: Pine Plains and neighboring Stanfordville.

James Madison as applied to Donald Trump

History is written to understand the past but it is composed in the present and cannot escape that context. Sometimes, the relevance is startling. In research for a new book about the Revolutionary Era, I came across a James Madison essay that struck me as a trenchant critique of the Trumpian attitude toward governing the American people. It is a dialogue between a “republican,” by which Madison meant a person who championed the spirit of the American Revolution and democracy, and an “anti-republican,” who did not.

Deadly ebola is back