Today is another hot and humid day in a summer that has seen many of them. Despite recent rains, the rivers remain low and the sun is bright and my garden still thirsts for rain. Some folks like it hot and muggy but I am not one of them. Today is the kind of day I wish I were at the beach, rather than in a room without air conditioning.

Actually, my garden is doing well this summer because I have carefully weeded and watered it and all that warm sunshine is making my vegetables grow with vigor. The dry weather also means there is less powdery mildew on the leaves of the wild...

The Millerton News Opinion/Viewpoint

Impossible cooking

The Country Curmudgeon

There are certain foods that defy me. They are usually the ones that require preparation. Raisin bread always burns in the toaster. I don’t care how many times you fiddle with the setting, it is going to burn.

I like my eggs over-easy. In this case I am just begging for trouble. This type of egg only comes out right about half the time. My dog has benefited from this to the tune of several pounds.

Bonding a legislative issue before summer

The County Account

Summer begins for those of us in the Dutchess County Legislature with multiple proposals to consider bonding money to finance infrastructure and capital improvements on county property. Certainly the county has responsibilities to take care of its assets, replace those that outlive their usefulness, maintain safety and make prudent decisions to keep county government functioning.

Cyberwarfare: Tomorrow’s warriors?

A View From the Edge

Schools are wrong, according to Lynn Dugle, president of Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems.

“We are looking for talent in all the wrong places. And the organizations, agencies and companies that most need this type of talent will be the least likely to attract it.” Aerospace and defense are “over-reliant on historical learning methods and processes,” she went on to explain. She has “a real prejudice toward people who work 9 to 5, are willing to contain their personal time off to three weeks, and to charge their time in six-minute intervals.”

Waiting for a bite

Anglers drifted nose-to-nose on Highland Lake Tuesday afternoon, looking for the day’s catch. Moderate boat activity has kept the waters calm and clear this spring.

Radioactive rain on New England — what’s the story?

EarthTalk - Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine

Dear EarthTalk: Radioactive rain recently fell in Massachusetts, likely due to Japan’s nuclear mess. Given the threats of radiation, wouldn’t it be madness now to continue with nuclear power? How can President Obama include nukes as part of a “clean energy” agenda?

Bill Mason


In the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan, countries around the world that were growing more bullish on nuclear power are now reconsidering their future energy investments.

Carnival was a winner

Lions Tales

Success — what a sweet sound. Our second Lions-sponsored carnival took place at Eddie Collins Field on Route 22 in Millerton from Thursday, June 2, through Sunday, June 5.

The Commerford and Sons Carnival from Goshen, Conn., provided the entertainment and we provided great food, great location and, dare we say, great weather.

Air Generic

Editorial Cartoon


Editorial Cartoon


The Millerton News Editorial

A time of transition, a time of change: Annual graduations signify more than just a rite of passage. Changes of great magnitude, transformational, happen right on the heels of graduations, making them bittersweet for all those celebrating the successful conclusion of one phase of their lives.

There are some friends left behind, some friends made for life. Some teachers who will never be forgotten, whose lessons will carry their graduates forward and inspire them to achieve good things for the rest of their lives. Others will be too soon forgotten.

Vicious cycles

The Country Curmudgeon

Motorcycles had a bad boy allure for me in my younger days. I almost got my learner’s permit. Before I went forward with this I came to a realization: I do not like to get wet or cold. This slowed me down. I would still have to have a car to get to work in the winter and the rain. It did not seem quite so attractive anymore.

What do the biker gangs do in bad weather? I never see them huddled under an overpass looking like a pack of wet cats. Maybe, like baseball players, they just don’t work in the rain.