In this new column, we will explore the ways that hobbies (especially ones that connect the head and the hands) can offer serenity and a healthy sense of accomplishment. Our first featured pair of hands belongs to The Lakeville Journal’s own Patrick L. Sullivan, who not only covers town events but also writes our popular fly-fishing column, Tangled Lines.

For Patrick, fishing is a source of solace and a respite from the stresses of his job. It’s an activity that’s almost completely silent, except for the sound of the water and the light whizz of his fishing line....

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Keep funding for more than classroom studies

During any school budget season, but especially this one with talk of consolidations and economic efficiencies taking the fore more than ever, it’s important to step back and take a hard look at the students who are being educated in our school systems and observe objectively what is positively affecting their experiences there. The need to save money is understood by every taxpayer, but educating our young people  in all facets of their lives should also be valued, and budgets should be crafted accordingly.

The IRS certainly has its hands full this year

The government’s partial shutdown has everyone on edge this year. Despite assurances from the powers that be, many taxpayers are concerned that their tax returns won’t be processed on time. Should you be worried?

One misconception many have is that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was closed. Not true, the IRS remained open, despite having no budget from Dec. 22, 2018, until the government reopened on Jan. 25.  The agency was running under a contingency plan, which meant operating with only 12 percent of its staff. 

Increase the federal gasoline tax

Dilapidated water and sewage systems, a teetering electric grid, falling bridges, dangerous roads and tunnels . . . Republicans, Democrats, and President Trump all seem to agree that we need to make major improvements to our national infrastructure. It is falling apart. 

Playing politics with a tragic death

Fresh from its crushing defeat in November, the Connecticut Republican Party has managed to demean itself in a new and different fashion by trying to make political capital out of a young woman’s tragic death.   

After the body of 24-year-old New Yorker Valerie Reyes was found stuffed in a suitcase on a Greenwich roadside Feb. 5, a former boyfriend was charged with her murder. It turned out the alleged killer, Javier Da Silva, is a dual citizen of Portugal and Venezuela who had entered the country legally in 2017 but overstayed his visa.

DST good or bad for Earth?

Dear EarthTalk: Would extending Daylight Savings Time (DST) year-round have benefits for the environment?

—Jane Wyckoff, Soquel, CA



Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal – 2-28-19

Mountain lions interested many of us

Last Friday, Feb. 22, the Housatonic Valley Regional High School auditorium was filled with more than 400 people from 35 towns to see Sue Morse’s presentation on the mountain lion sponsored by land trusts of our region.

Thanks to the high school for hosting this program in their great auditorium.

Don’t expect this to happen much; or could it?

The argument can be made (and has here in the past) that truly civil discourse is next to impossible on social media. It can be seen as both too personal on some levels, and too impersonal on others. What is the recourse if a person makes an inaccurate statement, starting a stream of comments based on an incorrect premise? Often none, and attacks can become both too ad hominem and too rooted in a disconnection from a shared humanity.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 2-21-19

Place your bets: Nature, or humanity?

I guess we should all just be quiet (“shut up” is so rude) and throw up our hands and keep driving gas guzzlers and consuming ‘til we all end up like toast, literally. The way the coverage of the Democrats’ launch of the “Green New Deal” in Congress has played out, you’d think that Republicans had never heard of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison or Jonas Salk. Passionate individual thinkers all. And passionate doers to boot!