In this new column, we will explore the ways that hobbies (especially ones that connect the head and the hands) can offer serenity and a healthy sense of accomplishment. Our first featured pair of hands belongs to The Lakeville Journal’s own Patrick L. Sullivan, who not only covers town events but also writes our popular fly-fishing column, Tangled Lines.

For Patrick, fishing is a source of solace and a respite from the stresses of his job. It’s an activity that’s almost completely silent, except for the sound of the water and the light whizz of his fishing line....

The Lakeville Journal Opinion/Viewpoint

What -ism are you?

America is complicated. Volunteer firefighters and EMTs are anarchists who drive on socialist roads to rescue capitalist homes. That is the American way. But if you don’t like those labels you can use others: community firefighters drive on public roads to rescue private homes. It doesn’t change the meaning.

Putin’s crush on Trump’s America

We all know about the flirtatious “love letters” exchanged between President Donald Trump and “dear leader”  Kim Jong-un of North Korea. It could be a relationship of great mutual benefit, but apparently the relationship has never been fully consummated.

Summertime means interns at The Journal

It’s time to note how great it is to have the summer interns in our midst once again. Regular Lakeville Journal readers will have already seen several interns go by, pictured on the front page and bylined on numerous articles they have written. And, if you also listen to our weekly radio discussion with Marshall Miles and Jill Goodman on WHDD Robin Hood Radio (91.9 FM, 1020 AM) on Thursday mornings at about 8:30, you will also have heard them speak very well about the stories they have been covering for their community weekly newspaper.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 7-25-19

Which laws are OK to break?

William Shakespeare wrote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.” Simply put, it doesn’t matter what something is called, it still is the same thing. We have an interesting situation where a group of criminals, people who have come into the United States illegally, have had the term used to define them change. 

An old song about going back to where you came from

When President Trump ordered four members of Congress to go back where they came from—be it Cincinnati, Detroit, the Bronx or Somalia—I was reminded of a long forgotten song on the subject and quickly found it online:


“If you don’t like your Uncle Sammy,

Then go back to your home o’er the sea,

To the land from where you came,

Whatever be its name,

But don’t be ungrateful to me!”


Does your vote mean what you think it does?

Next Friday, July 26, there will be a Town Meeting and a vote in Cornwall that could have a profound impact on the town’s future and perhaps even its continued existence. Is it overly dramatic to say that the future of not just West Cornwall, but all of Cornwall, hangs on the ballot’s 39 words and a rather modest expenditure?  I would tend to say probably not — if the voting outcome gave voters a clear picture of what their vote would achieve — but it doesn’t.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — July 1919

Mrs. George R. Belcher of the Journal force is enjoying a week’s vacation.


LAKEVILLE — Archie Yaple of Winsted was in town Monday.


Agents from the Internal Revenue Office have been in town this week collecting the tax from drivers of jitney and livery cars. Every auto owner who transports passengers for hire is subject to the tax.


Fraud is rampant, even in the Northwest Corner

There are some who may think their local community weekly newspaper is not actually a business, but it certainly is. Proof of that fact came to the fore last week when this small business’ checking account was apparently hacked, and a fraudulent check written from our checking account to a person out West for almost $9,000, purportedly for a camper that person had put up for sale.