In this new column, we will explore the ways that hobbies (especially ones that connect the head and the hands) can offer serenity and a healthy sense of accomplishment. Our first featured pair of hands belongs to The Lakeville Journal’s own Patrick L. Sullivan, who not only covers town events but also writes our popular fly-fishing column, Tangled Lines.

For Patrick, fishing is a source of solace and a respite from the stresses of his job. It’s an activity that’s almost completely silent, except for the sound of the water and the light whizz of his fishing line....

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Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 11-7-19

Think about how we save local history

Genealogy, a subject that increasingly engages aging Baby Boomers as they reach retirement age, would be crippled without local newspapers. While church, immigration, and military records, among others, help researchers pinpoint the names of our forebears, who they really were — their actions, personalities, statements — emerges only through narratives such as letters and old newspaper articles about them. 

Aging in place: choosing your own fate

Part 3


Growing old takes courage. You are fighting a rear-guard action you cannot, in the end, win. There are many kinds of courage. There is the courage to keep fighting long after you know the war is lost. And there is the courage to know when enough is enough and to hold fast to that decision.

Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 10-31-19

Shakespeare and Monopoly in D.C.

It is always a surprising pleasure when the connectivity of life rears up and what one is reading and doing has direct relevance to that day’s daily living — like playing Monopoly or the delicious reading of Shakespeare in the midst of events unrolling in D.C. and beyond.

World traveling: a city girl to a country girl

Hi! This is my first blog post of Country Gal.  I decided it would be fun if I did top 10 reasons why the country rocks. I hope you love it.

1. I love hiking. There are so many amazing hiking trails in the country! Seriously, you need to try a hiking trail around here.

2. Such a small community, I know everybody in my grade and everybody in the grade below me and everyone in the grade above me.

3. I know all my kind neighbors, and dog neighbors too!

Proposals to amend the U.S. Constitution

Part 1 of 3


Some five years ago, U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens published a book titled, “Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution” (Little, Brown, 2014). These proposals were quite significant then, but many of them have become even more relevant in turbulent America today. They are definitely worth a re-visit. What I have done below is summarize the essence of each in as few words as possible:


Again: What does Putin have on Trump?

Lost in all the October surprises and scandals involving Donald Trump — the betrayal of our Kurd allies, the deal to trade military aid to Ukraine for dirt on a political opponent and the failed attempt to use a Trump property for the next G-7 conference — was the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s report that Russia tried to influence American voters to support Trump in the last election.

Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — October 1919

LAKEVILLE — The steel flag pole in the park has received a new coat of paint at the hands of Artist Erickson.


Miss Gladys Osborn is in charge of Lucette’s Millinery rooms for a few weeks.


LAKEVILLE — Miss Jane Smith has been spending a few days in New York. Ward Finkle has been looking after the garage in her absence.


ORE HILL — Harry and William Dean were in Mt. Riga Tuesday.